Wednesday, January 30, 2008


smalam blik dr klaz ujan
so sudden.. actually da dgr guruh, but saje xnk bwk pyung
but then, i'm one of the stuck people..
huh tension2.. agak sadis la blik dlm ujan tuu..
i don believe diz! haha..
brpijak la di bumi yg nyata..
thnx godness x dmam..
if not i'd rather die!
how cud i'm study if me myself is unwell?
ooooooh so sleepy rite now
i juz can't concentrate on wat i'm doing
perhaps take a rest n 2moro continue..
hope umo pjg lg.. msh bernafas pd esk hari..

Monday, January 28, 2008


terrible week!
still wanna survive..
the test, assignment n everything..
hoping that i'll gv the least.. give up means nothing
i can't wait diz friday morning..
ooh i juz need to meet my family
only god knows how i miz them.. so so much
1 week holiday? of coz not enough
about 1 month xtgk tv, i miz the tv a lot.. (haha quite nonsense!)
whatever it is, my study comes first.. it juz like a priority.. after parent, frenz, study, carreer n bla bla bla.. oopz my love! where suppose i locate it haa? sumwhere.. the position is in my heart..(aiyo da stat jiwangz) hak3
k stop with that
i end here..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

we meet again..

hahadoi.. damn tired.. finish my essay.. not as simple like what u think ha..
i'm really work hard on it.. i dono whether my effort is enough or not..
whatever it is, i'm really need to improve on writing
so dat i can produce the good essay..
perhaps, one that have the 'sense'..
is it possible for me?
yes. malaysia boleyh! haha

Monday, January 21, 2008

hectic day so so??

haaa wake up 'early'.. not like what i've planned before
guess what?! i'm late 30minutes
thnx god my class at 10..
supposedly wake on 8 or 8.30am but exceeded
huhuh tired+almost crazy
1st thing 1st.. library.. did my print n photocopy, whatever..
rush to ma' claz econ.. 1 hour but seems so long.. i wonder y.. hurm..
need to consult with lect.. both bel.. then both missing.. argh..
appointment? whoa it's necessary huh?
next station, fudcourt.. college office, arh so many places
i just can't remember..
so today, 21st of january 2008 is one of d history day for me..
the most tired n i'm almost dying today!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

kitten so cute!

sumthing cute i like d most.. tucen.. it can b my fren, i can lean on (ohh just like bf? haha).. don kill cats or i kill ya!

come help!!

heyyow help me to survive in this blog!
i'm stuck n d setting is quite confusing
maybe i shud study b4 i operate thiz..
i wanna put something but i can't paste the html code
where it's?
missing? hiding?
arrgh it's killing me!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


HyE ThEre! Welcome to my ‘new new’ blog!!
Since this was my first time writing in blog (seriously I mean, har3)
Hopefully I’ll write it with full of expression (not that sentimental)
I create this blog definitely to fulfill my freetime (do I have it?)
Support my blog, do comment or whatever appropriate is welcomed here..
Thnx anyway for visiting..
By that I launched my blog, dgn lafaz BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM..