Friday, August 29, 2008

+Delay Defeats Justice+

who comes for equity must come with clean hands...

warh i'm pressure... just look at d books and the tense will come... kinda frustrated on certain things... hati yg makin x tenteram.. prasaan x bes yg sntiasa mghantui diri.. and all that the compilation of jiwe kacauness... supposed to be more focus, but the things going on here is making me tired.. to construct an energy, that is difficult. to retain myself here is another thing that i concern most.

once i feel sad, damn hard to feel better. on the outside people look i'm ok. yea she's just fine.. melalui hari2 mndtg dgn tenang... but the inner is terrible. expect d unexpected...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey hey hey! the holiday will end so soon! :’(

I feel so bad… my cuti2 malaysia ni akan tamat mlm ni. At 8pm I’m gonna back to shah alam n further my ‘boring’ life… huhuhuhu xske2… it’s not the entirety of objection. Just an articulated word to say what I feel… hurm… I think of the test, seems like nitemare. Can’t imagine how I’m gonna answer dat. I’m not study (damn really serious). I enjoyed SHOPPING! Hahahah.. friend of mine said this, ‘whatta bad habit’ lalaallaalala who cares… it just me, myself n wasting money… =p

Recently, I’m kinda lazy updating my blog. Malas nk menaip. Hehe… lotsa things to tell here, but the idea not came out. Several pictures were taken during my ‘honeymoon’. Check it out!


My mum n my sis bz on discussing what shud they bought

my sis, u just cute!

my lovely motha :)

me myself yg agak tired.. huhu


before left, sempat lg pose dpn cermin. hahah =p

smpai je trus g mkn.. oh laponye my akak.. hua3

nyum3 let's eat kfc!

move to the gardens

touch panel kt gardens. i search for borders. kedai buku yg 'hot'

dlm borders ade hallmark?

wargh penat la pulak uplod pic bebanyak ni... huhuh...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Counting my days… (before home)

Haiya…! I’ve counted the days before I left for mid-term break… I expected it can be relax. But the truth is, NO WAY!!! I have test soon after the break. On the 25th.. the law of torts… what to do??? Study, study n study… holiday? Put aside, it must be forgone. Argh hate that… that is why several arguments appear about why examination should be abolished. Hehe… kinda selfish if I stated that I’m fair on this debatable issue. Waaa dun think too much about this. Focus on my life… life goes on... give me bright future.. god bless me… amin









Saturday, August 9, 2008

sO cALLeD bOriNg PLaCeS~

Huhuw da agak lame nk taruk pics ni... ni my meja study kt kdh campus... hehe xtomey pn.. i miss this place damn much... livin' in hectic city is not fun as what u expected...

UnSoUndNeSS Of MiND?

This is me now. so many things to cover... wuwuwuwu =(


Sunday, August 3, 2008

cLick! CLicK! cLiCk! (=

put few picz here... were captured during my registration day (bout 1 month ago)

same? ade cm twin x?? huhuh

peace! i'm starting my new life ere.. wuwuwwu

my 2nd sis n my mum... (ouch! dats my handbag! =p)

me n yani.. from kejauhan... haha writing sumthing there..

indahnye blok 2b.. hahah lawak seyh!

me n my akak sulung.. she looks greeny ayte??

the real slangorian (i'm emphasize on the colours.. =p)

gegar u! heh blur2 jek pic ni coz dlm car time nii..