Friday, March 28, 2008

tHe dOcTriNe Of FrUstRation..

today.. i've a replacement class for my law class.. 8 o'clock in the morning.. haha i'm suffer wake up early lol.. learning the law of contract is quite interesting.. perhaps if more relax, it's much better.. bcoz of only 2 weeks left, so my lect need to 'kejar' the syllabus.. so faz.. heheh.. to memorize all the case and those sections in Contracts Act 1950, it's not easy.. my mind is serabut.. hadoi..
the doctrine of frustration.. hurmm.. it sounds weird coz appear in contract.. huhu.. my lect said.. it's not like u frust bercinta, then your love is not flower anymore.. in contract it's different.. hehe ..currently, i'm frequently used to listen to the love song.. the really2 jiwang one.. i think doctrine of frustration is more suit with those songs.. hehe.. ape aku mrepek ni?? isk2 dizzy.. @_@

Thursday, March 27, 2008

eh angkuhnye ko ni... putih sgt.. jelez ni! haha

kdg2 kacak juge aku tgk muke kamoo ni.. haha

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

puRpLe nYe KaMoOo!

heehe selaku owner blog ini, skali skale mau juge mencapub d blog sndri.. xslh kn.. hek3..
one of my fren said.. 'ey awe, muke ko cam kucing la..' ooh tidak... malangnye nasib gue.. hahuhihe

Sunday, March 23, 2008

--sY suDaH kEmBaLi--

yeyeah.. just comin' back from kL yesterday.. i intended to write a new entry while i'm at home.. but the time constraint.. don hv time to update my blog.. hehe seems so rindu lah kt my blog ni.. realize or not.. final exam is just around the corner.. guess what?! me, as usual not study yet.. so bz reading the law of tort.. while others so many things to cover.. later later.. later?? hey! u have time ke? i still believe, it's not impossible.. for me, i need to reduce my 'enjoy' time (sleep loh).. haha.. well, sacrifice sumthing hope it will worth it.. kt umah my mum said.. 'skang blaja mmg ssh, nnt da keje berbaloi la..' atoi tu yg ssh tu.. big stone on my shoulder now.. i should manage my stress..

***sakit2 bdn yg tramat sgt ni.. but still g klaz.. huuuu

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Terribly I said… heavy burden.. argh.. I wanna scream.. I just only hv less than 1 month to study.. WITHOUT study week! Is this fair for us? while others study for their exam, we go to sit for exam.. I don’t know how it feels.. maybe i feel want to cry.. cry, cry, cry inside.. no wonder la my boo said.., lembik sgt.. ciit jht punye org! haha .. my final exam is just around the corner.. rase serabut sgt.. I’ve lost a lot of my energy.. lately, I’m easy to get tired.. almost sleep everytime.. what’s happen to me?? Hawa!! Wake up! Wake up! U should survive.. ur future is important.. don’t regret ur parents.. don’t let them sad.. u’ve promised to yourself to make ur parents proud right? Supposedly u fulfill it, don’t give up.. anggapla ni ujian dr Allah.. nk uji kamu.. u’ve to be strong.. why your sister can? Why u can’t? every person is equal.. the ability is distinguished by the attempt.. DOA+USAHA+TAWAKAL.. amiinn..

Sunday, March 9, 2008

10 random facts 'bout me?!

1. the name given stated in my IC, Hawa Darlida Abd Azis.. but people used to call me only hawa since kecil2 lg.. problemo coz my other sibling also hawa.. my 1st sis hawa darlina and my 2nd sis is hawa darlila.. so, it's quite confusing la when our friends make phone calls to homeline..hehe~ now my frenz just col me awe.. hek3 sumtime howie d coz influence from my frenster..

2 really love cats.. x buley tgk kucen.. coz they are so cute.. currently ade kitten kt f2.. haha pity my rumet (mimi) coz she can't stand the cat.. she’s so scared smpai nk kuar bilik pn tanye aku cmni.. “awe, ade x ank kucen tu kt lua?” kah3 lawak2

3. kdg2 quite emo.. sensitive x tentu psl.. xphm gak.. coz tndk bls hormon kot.. haha

4. like listening to music.. anything.. especially time study.. ntah da jdik habit kot since duk asrama tu.. suke sgt m'dgr lgu utk mgubati krinduan.. to whom ek?

5 i can't restrain myself from illegal downloading.. means here, suke sgt la donlod lgu secare
haram.. lgu2 latest pntang nmpk konfem aku sedut.. wah bhagienye jdik illegal downloader ni.. haha^_^

6. suke mkn.. mkn la pape yg sdp..nasik lemak pn one of my faveret.. my mum slalu tego.. supposedly in this age, I’m worried bout my health.. tp ntahla.. actually sgt suke mkn pedas gak.. then my lips akan jdik pijar and turning to red hot.. haha.. that’s why la I chubby.. feel scared jdik obese.. oh god!! Help me.. control my bad appetite ni.. hak2

7. next.. pnah bercite2 nk jdik doctor.. coz nk ikut jejak my sis.. but I can’t achieve it.. so sad.. maybe ade hikmah why I’m taking law now =)

8. my mum rules my life coz she knows the best ryte? @_@.. everything she decided for me.. one day, I’ll be able to make my big big decision.. hope so..

9. my bad habit.. the most I hate.. my ego la.. ntah pape benci tol.. seriously I feel my ego conquer me.. my heart says this.. but my ego says don’t, etc, etc.. anyone can advise me on how to reduce my ego??

10. dangerously in love with my boo =) Sheikh Mohd Adam Sheikh Abd Manan..

Friday, March 7, 2008


God made the world with a heart full of love, Then He looked down from Heaven above, And saw that we all need a helping hand, Someone to share with, who'll understand. He made special people to see us through The glad times and the sad times, too; A person on whom we can always depend, Someone we can call a friend. God made friends so we'll carry a part Of His perfect love in all our hearts.

LiKe iT =)

yellow rose = friendship? pliz correct me if i'm wrong..

last time i received the yellow rose from my frenz bout 2 years ago..
i captured a lot of that particular flower picz..
but the picz is in my pc at home.. lol^^

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Aku mahuu pulang……

Election fever? I don gv a damn bout it..

I don’t feel the fever coz seems like being ‘quarantine’ here..

My frens said… there’s a lot banners, flags, etc outside there..

Huhu who cares? Haaha..

Even my bf so brsmangat go back to his hometown n did a lot for this coming election..

Me? Just like me.. mrindui rumahku.. miss everything there..

##WaStinG TiME?? DatZ alWAYS mE.. HEeEe##

Location: in MK2 next to mimi (dak takut+geli tucen)
What to do: waiting the clock reach at 9am..Then bramai2 g anto eseimen ke blik
madam.. haha sounds funny ayte?
Status: lapar so so.. nk mamam.. atoitoi

~KeLegaAN iTu BkN SpENuHnyA...~

quite lega afta finish my bel360 assignment..
I’ve learn a lot...
next just proceed with the oral presentation..
bel342? as usual.. makes me stress..
hadoi xsabow nk abeskn all the assignments..
but the final exam??
for sure it will be my miserable day..
Ya Allah.. tabahknlah hatiku..
bantula hambaMu ini mneruskan prjuangannya sbg seorg pelajar..