Sunday, May 29, 2011


just a short entry.. before lala land~

it's worrying me time to time.. i'm gettin' bigger and bigger.. haha i mean the weight.. with this unhealthy lifestyle.. eat and sleep.. u can predict what happen next rite.. i'm scared.. ngeee ngade2 sgt.. xdela sbenarnye happy sbb saturday yg sgt lah 'lame' jd best becuz finally at night we went out sumwhere. and 'entertain' our cute belly.. ha3 x getu my akak? and thanx to future bro in law for the treat. it was awesome to have such dinner with both of u =))

and plus happy for another good news which i'm not
intent to share with u guys now,, but later insyaAllah.. life is full with element of surprise.. alhamdulillah =)

ahax can't wait for the delicious-yummy-seducing steak, lasagna and calimari. hoho ^^

tadaaa here are my faces pakai spec.. it's been a long time i'm not wearing spec all the time. it just sbb lens agak memerlukan ongkos.. so mybe i have to start wear spec again la.. why not?? =p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my favourite girls

We’re living in memory.. everyone got their own. Same goes to you.. you and you..

And me.. This is how the story begins.. (eceh ala2 ted dlm how I met your mother sgt! Haha)

I’m gonna talk about the valuable friendship we had since we’ve been LAWYERED =D haha oke that’s funny..

First thing first! Can u stop me write in English?? Burr

Actually,, just nk cerita pasal kengkawan yg sgt sy love sepanjang sy study.. (but still 1 hv 1 year to go)

The first award goes to ummi sharmimi or mimi or cik umie. Izit popiler enuff? Hehe :p

So.. minah ni da jadik my roommate since we were in kedah lg. just imagine almost 4 years. Can u believe that? If I’m a guy,, I should marry this girl becuz.. heyy what u waiting for 4 years loyal relationship?? Haha oke crap! Ehem dia ni nmpk je diam tp garang sebenonye. X prcaye test her?? Says something obscene like I do every day. Or.. maybe u can provoke her while she was driving. Easy peasy just ride your motorcycle so close to her car which lead to her explosive point. And naaahh some miracle words she would utter. Seriously I admire the way she cursed. Muahahaha oke gelak guling2 jap! Dia ni also rescuer tatkala lipas datang menyerang hendap sy. Gosh I hate u idiot cockroach!! And since I spent so much time with her.. she knows me well.. like.. who I dislike so much, who the latest boo, what I like to do, what I’m good at (ooh this one please tell others) hahaha and what not.. long story short.. she knows lotsa things about me.. seriously.. puhlease mimi jgn dedahkan kecomelan aku.. hahahahha slap myself!

tadaa here me and cik umie !! =)

Next is cik haryani or cik yani or.. cik haryabai.. bkn sbb dia serabai.. ataupun cm lagu bird tongchai sabai-sabai.. tp it’s becuz once upon a time… ahax mmg lame dah ni… our bel lect trsilap spell her name as in haryabai. Okie enuff cik yani mst bace smbil ketap gigi mrh2 ni. Hehe. Yani nie how to describe her ha.. mimi ko tlg explain sikit.. ha3 tibah sgt.. so beliau ni unik sbb dia lain dr kami. Contoh! We say.. god,, this guy so handsome muke is lee dong wook taw. Dia bleyh ckp xhensem. Hai ni mengundang kemarahan ni!! Taste dia weolss je taw.. uolsss kalo taw diam2 je k. syyyh =p and one more,, dia ni obsess kat juara. Perodua juara. Oke korang.. I know korang terkejut sbb juara tu burok kn. Ooops.. tp tu lah cik yani suke design dia uolss.. ntah hape la yg dia nmpk pd kereta tu. Kereta ke mesin basuh ntah. Oopps kutok lagy =p so dia ni my skandal.. tp cdey sbb nnt da xjumpe dia.. syiob2

cik yani and me.. we're looking for some stars.. uhuukk

here are three of us. me, freaky-face-yani and cik umie

Lagi sorang.. farahdilah.. or kak farah. Sbb dia ni berusia sket la. Ahax mati aku kalo kak farah bace. Xla tuwe sgtt just 2 years older than us. Hehe so kak farah ni mcm penyelamat kami lah.. penyelamat dr kesesatan. Ha3 xlah sekronik tu. What I mean here is she’s the most religious among us.. senang kira.. sbb my mom tgk sy kwn dgn dia,, my mom jd lega.. u know what I mean rite. Or xphm naseb korg lah. Hihuu.. so she kinda serious.. byk ilmu.. I think she gonna be lecturer. Hehe.. tp even dia serius,, lepas kwn dgn kitorang yg ‘matang’ ni.. she end up gila2 jugak. She’s funny sometime. . the best part is.. this woman is really good at cooking.. well cm me, mimi n yani.. kitorang bab2 masak ni mmg ‘handal’.. we know how to eat well :DDD To kak farah.. slamat maju jaya as supervisor kt nursery tu yeh. kikiki (ooh sory readers! kak farah wont let me to publish her picha)

And lagy..khairul anis shafikah.. or anis.. or khairul. Oops the last one we not used it =p

Anis yg sgt comel.. anis bonda.. bonda anis.. anis dan bonda.. eyh ape aku mrepek ni. Haha.. so few frens call her bonda sbb anis ni keibuan sgt.. I remembered she was so calm.. dia x kalut2 mcm hawa darlida. Hehe.. in third semester we have to make Arabic drama. So this girl yg tolong buat script becuz… the rest in the group is so ‘excellent’ in arab like we can count the vocab u know.. muahaha.. it’s a challenge to act since no one ever won the Oscar rite. So,, sape lah yg hebat berlakon sgt kn?? Even if khabir Bhatia wants to shoot drama with us he rather kill himself sbb.. too many cut!! Damn I hate acting =.= it just so hypocrite and not real. Uhhh. Ouh back to anis dear.. so dialah yg tulis skrip.. dialah director.. all in all.. anis contribute banyak.. we just being sucks actress. Hoho ok too much! Lg 1 yg sgt suke psl anis is she appreciates friendship. Dia hargai kawan2 dia,, dia suke spend mase dia dgn kwn2, and dia jaga hati kwn2.. so kalo ade reality tv in Malaysia bff.. anis dgn syairah mst join ok! Hahahaha joke2. Syairah u next! =)

anis cantik pakai kebaya malam tuu.. =)

tadaaa weoollss 3 org lg..

anis-mimi-me-ohpuhlease-yani =p

Syairah.. akak syairah.. guess what.. sy terfikir nk pggil dia akak sbb someone call her akak. Ehe

Sy admire syairah.. not only becuz she so smart.. mmg dia sgt pandai.. and I’m proud to be her friend.. another thing is she so kindhearted.. like u can’t even sakit hati dgn dia.. dia pn sgt comel dan kecik.. ohoo really hope I can be like her.. but puhlease hawa! U too big okei. Haha.. so syairah ni pandai and religious also. Sbb tu sy admire dia.. she is anis’ bestfren. They are like twin. Same comel same baik.. hehhuu.. (mimi boleh x kalo kite pn jadi cm dorg??) hahaha.. when study,, xfaham ke.. tanye je dia sbb she can explain like after that u can say.. laa sng je.. huhu I think she also has potential to be a lecturer. Academician is the person who is knowledgeable rite?? :DD eherm and lg 1 sy tringat.. when I break up with my bf,, dia ade ckp sumtin pd sy.. yg mmg lps tu sy lega giler dgr.. it feels like u’ve been motivated. thanks sis.. I really owe you for that advice =)

i think i know why i like this pic. becuz that lomo camera!! haha syairah u so luckyy =))

Last but not least wan hafsah or cik hafsah. So hafsah ni the youngest among us. Tp x pulak kitorang pggil dia adik sbb.. hafsah ni serius orangnye. Kn hafsah?? Hehe.. it just hafsah ni matang mybe sbb dia anak sulung ataw sbb dia ramai adik.. but tapi! She knows cartoon more than us. Haha this one funny. Hafsah ni pn nice girl.. smart also.. suke mkn sayur. Eyh yg tu penting ke?? Hahaha.. ohoo 1 thing! Hafsah ni suke fight2 manje dgn kak farah.. like we just ..’oke mule dah’ hahaha.. and so that a little bout her. But hey.. wadduppp with Scotland?? I know what u did in scotland… teeett!! =p

cik umie and hafsah. heehee sweet kn hafsah..

Haaa tudiaa amekau panjang giler nok mak berceloteh.. puas ati den!! So tu la serba-sedikit about my friends. They are some of great friends I have in my life.. may Allah bless all of us.. best of luck girls.. I’m looking for good news from each of you.. now and in future =)

*the pics was taken during my pre-grad dinner in sacc convention* ..