Saturday, September 18, 2010


hi!! salam syawal,, salam 1 malaysia all! haha sengal nye my mukadimah ni :D

alhamdulillah.. a week of raya.. done so well.. even i thought this year would be the saddest one i have.. but God's bless,, yup it should be this way,, not other way round like i thought (ooh even without u :) )

also good news,, i've build a good relationship with bestfren of mine,, ooh mira.. it beyond any words i can thank to you. hanging,movie,chatting.. those are the things that could heal my soul..
i feel release when someone can listen to me.. yes i need a listener where i didnt find 1!

i just don't care my feelings.. cuz it already hurts.. so if hurt again,, maybe dah jd immune. ooh mcm sadis gile pulak my words. hehe.. few friends which i'm not really close to,, come to console me. thank u, thank u.. but it's too late,, it just a fake smile. and if i'm cry in front of you,, that so really damn true tears from heart..

uwaa bencinye.. ter emo again.. x matang btol yea.. eei.. feel like wanna slap my face many2 times.. wake up hawa darlida.. exam da dekat! gulp exam??! damn btol la kn,, 3 weeks lecture then study week then final. omg! tetbe rase cuak............ urgh.. rase mcm nitemare..haunting and scaryy...

dah la kot.. hehe sleepy.. zzzz.. supposedly done my international law ass-signment but.. well,, who cares.. hahaha.. ooh mlsnyeee nk haplod picha.. tgk kt fb je la yea.. (tu pn kalo nk tgk, muahaha)

anyway, the 3rd n 4th paragraph is written sincerely by me. sekian wassalam~

Sunday, September 5, 2010


a lot of things in my mind.. but this one is really ghostly affected my soul.. haih what can i do.. i put my best to forget.. xpelah.. mybe 1 day i'll get even..

anyway Ramadhan will end soon.. which we supposedly to feel sad as this month comes only once a year.. u have to wait for another year for this.. fasting, pray, do a good deeds, and have faith in everything..

hence, Syawal will come.. eidul fitr.. i used to love hari raya when i'm young. but it doesnt mean i'm old now.. hehe.. raye ni sederhana je la like before..but mybe ade different from previous years.. hopefully i'll get 'ketenangan' which i really hoped for

depressed comes depressed.. sometime i can overcome it.. sometime i just give up and let the tears dropped.. tired of thinking.. but i believed everything comes with reason..

to know someone, Allah must have reason why is it we meet someone even for the short term.. kite jumpe and kenal org,, bkn skadar kenal saje2.. tp ade sbbnye.. that is the God's secret la..

i do learn something when i know you,, first, i wanna be a helpful person like you.. no matter what it takes, as long as i can help,, i will help people.. at the most sincere heart.. i'll try

secondly, just don't easy to get angry.. rationalize your mind.. be calm even u really feel hot at that time.. tenang2 jgn marah.. hawa darlida need to be penyabar a lot.. it's crucial for me..

muchas gracias.. i'll hold this two principles.. insyaAllah