Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it is question of fact,, whether i'm ready to transform..

i'm really2 wannabe matured person.. especially in terms of mentality..

look at those friends of mine,, they just so outstanding in giving justification on certain matters..

while me,, always been playful.. haish it's time to be serious..

encouragement i get from someone,, i have to forgo it now..

no matter what it takes,, this time will be so different..

we cant expect the happiness lies till end

now i know,, history always happened repeatedly

things change! big girl don't cry

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


friend of mine had ever told me.. singlehood life is the total freedom.. where you free to do what you want, to linger with anyone you like..

but the request.. just made me down.. i know i'm supposed accept it.. by hook by crook,, i have to.. people say it is fate.. wutcha think..?

*intended to write such an ambiguous entry
*i'm not really a straight-forward person

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i choose!

silent doesn't mean don't care

silent doesn't mean avoiding

but impliedly giving time and space

*just a short entry since i can't express it anyway here*

Thursday, August 19, 2010


r u familiar with the term?? i'm quite attracted to those social psychology terms lately.. haha it was quite old since during my foundation i learned this subject..

anyway,, anyway,, altruistic means u think about other own good.. in short, u just think about people but not for urself.. ooh so pity..

it just me.. put myself in your situation.. knowingly u had been busy and working all day long..it's good enuff u not forgetting me.. thnxxx

Sunday, August 15, 2010


when you falling for someone...

the hardest part to do is..

to control your jealousy..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


phewwwwwwwwwww lame gilosss x update blog ni... byk habuk dan sawang2.. whatever it is,, thnx to anybody yg ade singgah and bace kisah2 lapuk kt cini.. hehe ossification.. not only the law being ossified when we apply the cut off dates,, and so my blog.. ahhh law again! huhu

aarg xde ayat nk menulis ni.. help2.. mane talent merepek ni x kelua lg.. huu

and now we are in the fasting month,, unfortunately on the fourth day i dah xpuase.. ngeee
tp alhamdulillah dpt jugak berbuke dgn my family smalam.. heaven..

my study?? we are in 7th week da kot. almost half of the semester.. i'm really damn much worry (ooh hiperbole nyee) on this one freaky subject so called jurisprudence,, i just xnmpak jln.. seems everything so vague and blur where i dunno what i learn so far.. haha so dangerous.. i just taken the test where we need to give jurisprudential advise on the freedom of association issue. hard.. yup so hard.. sakit kepala lps test tu..

ok enuff with that.. now talking bout my life.. hidup yg makin syahdu.. hehehe no la.. busy busy busy.. project paper lg,, blablabla.. but i did promised to someone that i will study more hard this semester.. i wanna improve.. believe it or not,, i think i'm already bound by the promise.. hehe.. a bit inspiring,, but the more important, i dont wanna frustrate myself again and my family..

i let him go.. at last..