Friday, January 30, 2009


Messsyyyyy... argh... palewotak bingung.. ni la padah study last minit. mkn byk sgt limau.. huhuh ntah pape.. i forgot the cases that already photocopied. left in shah alam. therefore, kne study nnt kt sane. adui mengong sudaaa ni.. consti+contract. waaa agak tough utk dibaca di rumah. phm2 la byk dugaan kt umh ni. entertainment, tv, internet, etc... susa nk kosentret.. fren of mine said..'alah rajinnye ko study kt umh pn' heyy i have to. no choice la.. =(

lepas magrib igt nk continue study.. tp headache.. my head sakit sgt berdenyut2 mcm nk explode. ntah mengapa.. agak pelik (kne badi beruk ptg td ke? haha).. tdow jap cuz xtahan sgt.. 9pm wake up, afta solat isyak tu dinner, tgk tv (haha wonder y i can't miss dat). at 11pm ngadap buku balik.. tbe2 kpale sakit balik. hehe syndrome malas je tuu.. xpe2 kuatkan smangat gak bace la pape yg larat. thnx to lagu2 coz mnyelamatkan keadaan. huhuh.. 1am da boringg sgt rase cm nk on9 la pulak.. (see! byk songeh tol aku nii).. on la lappy buwok neh.. waaa tgk2 kt kaspersky antv-database corrupted. pekeheynye? nk scan pn taleyh, disable! syiob3 *dlm ati, abg fairuz help mee... =( tp dia x on9 pulak mlm nii* dgn perasaan yg agak tension aku pn up8 la jugak antv ni.. 100% yes da ok sume.. da enable everything.. hee bikin cuak je aku nih.. hyper-kalut not good.. aiyak mencik gler~

apekahh ini??

aaa cer kowg tgk betol2 ape tuu? ptg td tyme tgk tv, dgr bunyik sumtin. curious sgt2, then ku usha ar kt luar bunyi aper, tgk2 ade 2 eko kera ats bumbung umah mkcik sbelah umh aku ni. tu haa aku sempat snap. haha xde keje tol.. dorg jenjalan.. lek jer cm xde pape. nmpk aku pn wt derk je.. haii sabow je ar.. as long dia x gigit org or gigit kucin aku suda. muahahha.. erk sowry to ciklah(mkcik sbelah umah) cuz amik gmbo tnpa izin. jgn saman sy for trespass to land yer. heee~

-apasal aku post sengal sgt ni! heh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*hottt stufff*

hahaha jgn pk laen ek... tadaaaa my hot stuff baru bli 2 days ago. 1st prop yg aku beli gune duit sndri (thnx to my scholar lol), as i dun get any income yet =p gunakan printer ini baik2.. good intention, for my study. senang nk print assignment. no need to go to cc. save money, save energy.. wallaaaah kterujaan sgt2!!..

May happiness along your life =)

Congratulation to kak hanis.. da kahwin pn dia.. hee umo pn da 25 kn.. she’s not my biological sister, tp time dolu2 agak rapat dgn dia la.. ske mlepak dgn dia.. 1 day before dia nikah smalam, kitorang duk lepak kt umah dia. Almost 1am. Ye laa nnt da jd bini org mane leh nk borak lame2. Mrh pulak abg dia kang. Huhuh… ade la dia tnye, lpas ni turn sape la agaknye follow dia. Then pandang2 kt ku? Uhh I’m still young meh.. haha tp kdg2 ade gak terpikir sal kawin nih.. beyond2 my future. Tp bile igt balik I still have responsibility now to complete my study, baru la tsedar smule. Nk kawen bkn sng. Asas dan ilmu kne ade. Dan ofcoz I’m least of it and still learning. Heyy ape laa ku ngarot lg neh, xabes2 dgn brangannye. Mak pn ckp aritu, nnt korg kawen (refer to me n my sis), suro la pakcu tu handle. Ahahha pakcu ni sgt la soft orgnye… xnkla, nnt asek nk gelak je tgk dia. Kui3 lg prefer pmpuan kot handle kn… ngaa enuff2 xnk ckp topic ni dah… mst blushing nnt huuu… actually xsabar nk tunggu kakak2 ku kawen. Moge2 dorg dpt suami yg beriman. Aminn =)

I’m home-home-home

Actually da smpai umah jumaat malam tu lg.. but soo malas laa nk up8 diz blog.. huuu.. got holiday till next Sunday.. sehabuk pn xstudy.. byk mkn limau+tgk tv je. Hua3 wake up! Diz is not my honeymoon yet.. adeh lazyyyyyyy… wat to do?? I hate myself yg ‘lupa diri’ kt umah ni. Heheh enjoy sakan yer.. naik cuti ni byk task nk wat. I hv lotsa assignments, test, etc.. student life yg hectic. Tiredness but satisfaction in d future. I really hope so =) I wanna share sumtin here, but kinda ashamed. Nnt korg kate ku prasan pulak. fact, I really wanna tell ya but…nvm. Therefore, I keep dat as my ‘untold story’. heee

Align Centeranyway nk menunjuk theme baru for my pinky. pinky butterfly, bru download last week. sweet ayte??

I saw him in newspaper!

Ahahaaha few days ago.. time tu my room blackout.. mawar gler sgguh tension gue… then I move to bilik mimi nk tumpang study consti..(hee sempat g tgk cte korea). Before dat, pinjam paper jap nk bace kisah memey yg ntah pape toh. Selak page by page, until… waaa!! Menjerit agak kuat-mimi pn trkejut.. hahah… then I said, cam knal jer mamat ni.. tgk name btol. Yes dats him!!! Waaa I used to like him few years ago, my senior. Hahaha cm x caye jer.. I dun believe this, I can recognize him vey well even didn’t look at the name. huhuuu apekahh prasaan ini?? Xsalah kn admire seseorang…? well tu crita lame, n I almost forget dat.. I wish him gudluck n moge2 menang la ye =) skarang nk focus study je, dats more important…

p/s: again I post crap here. hee

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Budak yg paling kuat shopping! huh~

i miss ma mum soo much..
hoyeah.. esok da leyh chiowz dr cni...
huuu xsabow2! waawawwawaawa

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...a walk of life...

belajar tu adalah satu jihad dan perjuangan.
mesti teruskan berjuang sampai berjaya...
well i'm not really good motivate myself.
but once nk motivate tu kinda extreme.
bertahanlah... jgn give up...
hawa darlida, chaiyok2!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

if i were....

kalaulah saya seorang lelaki...
sy harap sy paham...
mcm mane rasanye utk mencintai seorang gadis..
sy bersumpah akan mnjd lelaki terbaik..
sy akan mendengarnya..
sbb sy tahu sakitnya bila kehilangan org yg kita inginkan...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

up! up! n awayyy~

i'm awayyyyyy from this blog... next week da cny. means holiday la kn... my mind is bit messy... the bz-ness never ends.. huuuuuu =(

choc beryls dgn mr.potato sgt enak dimakan ketika stress.. hua2

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LEan on mE..

I’m looking for attention? Omg dat’s not me.. I’m a low profile person but not arrogant. I know the limit but sumtime my level of confidence is not really convincing. And of coz I hate this feeling. People possibly tend to evaluate me as a weak girl.. pls no wayyy! I can be strong enough. I take the challenge. I did the thing that I never think of. The last choice in this world but I still choose this. I just go with the flow. Live my life not to the fullest. Am i?? Independent vs dependent- countless times I’ve struggle for everything. The two decade of my life had done.. how bout the rest of my life? Only God knows what plan for me. I hope everything gonna be fine and be bless. I hate regret on something, but I believe that whatever I do know, I must do my best. insyaAllah =)

kepoyoan trserlah =p

Why this and who’s this??


anis n me.. we are bit close now =)

ngaaa busan gilerr g klaz tp lect x muncul

Ngaaaa… my shopping habit is helpless… grr monayyyyy is not water. Easily flow just like that. Howie d. wake up! Wake up! Jgn suke membeli-belah.. buy books more worth it. Heheh.. seems this semester we still use the same books, I mean the part 1 book. Becuz the subject is the continuation from my part 1. So, I can save a lot of money here. But still I need to Xerox lotsa notes.. esp the consti law… huuu damn tension now.. its good that we trained to read the cases. But u know the cases are really2 tough to understand. One of my lecturer says later we will used to it. Argh… the truth is I have to re-read the cases up to 3 times. Can u imagine that? If 20 cases equal to 60 times.. ha??? WTH! Dead meat!! Haha.. the requirement is simple. Determination+hard work. That’s it! Sometime feel like I wanna bang my head to the wall then I will really2 wake up. Huhuh damn ridiculous. I dont care.. Someone just pls advice me whatever necessary… push me to study and manage my time wisely.. huwaaaa.. hope an angel sent to me so I’ll be more sober =/

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 20 =)

Ngaa I’m just about to hit a new post for new year.. wwawawawau!! I’m getting old but younger than others =p (I mean the 88s group). Haha born in the end of the year is not really disappointed. Well I know it’s damn late and feel very slow waiting this moment. Huhuh… whatta nice words to say.. yea I hope to be matured. More n moooooooore.. wah m I too childish? Dun tink so.. and one of my friend commented this when I’m called him (the maxis 1-day-free-call)- wooh matangnye sore ko cm mak org! haaha wtf! I hate dat.. I know I have such a ‘rocka’ voice. But not so-so la.. hek a celebration? This evening g minum2 kt mane ntah (I dunno what place is dat- fudcourt kot) haha.. simple but momentous memory for me.. yeah it listed in my medulla oblongata now.. huhu.. I am very grateful on what I have now.. syukur alhamdulillah.. I’m share this feeling with my mum cuz without her I can’t achieve all this. All I need now is to repay as much as what she did to me.. well a mother’s sacrifice is beyond everything in this world. What I want more? I’m nearly gets everything.. maybe before this my mind bit chaos.. kcelaruan hati dan prasaan.. but now I realized that, sume tu xbwk kemane. Yg penting my study. My future-my life- my all!

a 'sponsor' black forest cake? haha no laaa.. thnx soo much to kak farah and yani cuz givin me this delicious cake. actually quite a long time xcelebrate my bufday dgn kek... tengkiu2 so much. beyond my words =) hawa darlida is lovable ayte?? =p