Thursday, April 30, 2009

i can't wait.. haiyaaa!

last paper... can't wait to complete this thing.. and let myself go.. let it go.. it's burdening, haunting and scary me.. huuu.. by the way.. look at the pixcha!! we gonna live here next sem.. seems i'm really2 passive this sem. hate to collect any coupons (yeah izit correct spelling not?). no way i can live in roses anymore (mawarians). 7/78 it's real hard to find this road. hurm... i'm wondering whether we are too excited or less concentration. therefore we can't find it at the first time. 2nd time almost lost too.. thnx God we manage to reach here. anyway thnx again to A.H (i'm not makin it smaller but shorter this time =p) cuz give a 'not bad' instruction. understandable la.. heee funny.. =D. excited?! maybe =p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i told u so

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id say
I’m fine
Without you

addicted to this song.. yeah i think this song inspires me.. (dats wat i think).. huhuwww

Sunday, April 12, 2009

viel gluck kwn2.. =D

viel gluck kwn2.. for our final exam.. yea study week at home mmg xbgus.. huhu watever, anyway.. i'm wish you all d best.. semoga kte semua dipermudahkan oleh Allah utk menjawab soalan exam nnt. amin.. yaAllah tenangkan hatiku ini.. haross tenang =)

credit to ahmad haziq cuz teach me german. yeah viel gluck to u too!! (haha mst ko da bangge gler aku taruk name ko kt blog aku-sngaje dikecikkan. kah3)

i'm hot-u cold.. muahahaha

benci saye lihat muke anda neh..!! uwahahahahaha

Monday, April 6, 2009

i'm in love.. ngee

ngaa dont get me wrong... ;) falling in love with this video... heee why i've been so jiwang!!! =p

damn tiring weekend =(

weekend yg paling xbez... tired-to-death... TMO our drama. hehehehe i'm really2 not good in acting. not make sense at all.but for the sake of this assignment, i sacrifice to do what i hate most.. huhu lakonan is not my world ROFL


ngaaa xtaw nk tulis ape... hehe =p later will story here :)