Sunday, August 7, 2011


bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. alhamdulillah.. blog ni masih bernyawa.. hehe even after abandoned by me for more than a month :D

well the title doesn’t reflects me.. errhh staying 4 months at home just made me so ‘slim’. I’m scared to death.. becuz not only worry about my physical appearance but the most important thing is my health. Like my mom said.. ‘the more fat you are, the more diseases you have’ true mom.. For real,, I don’t feel right with my eating pattern =(

ouh now we are in Ramadhan. Happy fasting everyone.. whatever it is,, I feel so thankful becuz this year setelah sekian lama.. sy boleh berpuasa selama 30 hari with my family. It’s great to gather since I don’t really have this kind of chance to be at home every Ramadhan before.. I remembered how difficult to search and struggle for foods when u already tired for classes and what not.. but berbuka puasa ramai2 with my friends was fun. Seriously,, I miss the time with all of ya.. but to be here with family is a golden opportunity,, I am so grateful.. And you too rite? =)

btw,, this sept we gonna further our study as planned. Alhamdulillah.. hopefully everything done accordingly.. tapi i cm tak ready pulak nk study balik.. mybe it’s becuz I’m too busy with my working thing.. ahh I’m too old for that stuff.. (ted mosby). Lotsa things not settle yet.. actually not at all done. Haha why I’m so layback ni.. ooh help me God..

oke just get back to what I have now. It’s a bliss to be here with my family,, and you.. everyone who always support me all this while, my dear bff mya and my fat meow. my life would sux without u.. Hehe ^^

i heart my family..
sgt happy.. feel like wanna cryin'.. thanks ya Allah :')