Thursday, December 31, 2009

things change!!

well hey today is my day.. haha poyo jer.. finally we reach the end of this year,, 31dec i wait for this.. hehe.. fuh agak lame menunggu hari ini..

this year so many things happen,, i grow up and learn a lot of experiences.. nk recap everything impossible la.. smpai esk bercrita my 12 months of 2009. heheh..

so of coz i ade azam baru.. new year, new age, new bf (kui3 gurau jer),, lalalalaa.. thnx so much kpd bff, friends,foes,exs,sis,bros,etc yg igt and wish me.. im really2 appreciate it.. really.. it's beyond any words i can say to all of you..

mlm td i call several friends.. ada yg siap nyanyi bagai.. haha so nice la korang.. seriously terharu taw.. till 5am bargayot. peh pns tlinge ni.. but still i bercdey on sumtin.. just mls nk story laa.. sad things i don't wanna to remember it.. ahh damn,, the question lingers in my mind is why? why? why? it remain till now. hurm.. could u answer me? =( forget the sad things.. syuhh2! i hope u change. i still bg pluang for the next year.. but i dunno whether u take it as chance or what.. uh.. i hate this part..

ouch i'm running out of time.. have to go.. but then nnt i update lg, xsempat nk type.. again, thnx3!! for reading this entry =) chiow

footnote: hawa darlida is officially 21 years today ;p

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


this is the story of yesterday.. late edition la kn. hahaha.. so smalam, yani n kak farah visit me kt umah!! haha surprise..! yani col me around 3pm la ckp.. kitorang da otw g umah kau. hah u kidding me?? naseb bek da bgun. tgh mkn time tu. kalo membute lg xtaw la nk ckp ape. hahak.. so i tnye korang da ktner? mcd. ooh mcd ok. nk aku g amik ke?? haha baek ati la pulek.. then dgr k.farah tnye direction.. bg la direction, naseb dorg cpt pick up.. kui3

dlm 10min dowg smpai. hehe kembang kuncup hidung sy kegumbiraan.. rinduuuuuu..! warghhahaha mcm pe je an.. msuk dlm kitorang borak2 dan bgosip.. and citer kak farah takot kai kontek lensnye. hehe cian mule2 mmg la takot ckit.. smbil2 tu tgk citer ciken little. kah3 lawok cumel lak ai ank ayam kai spek..

so dats itt.. thnx to both of u yang wat kejutan.. i'm realy2 appreciate it.. nnt free dtg la lg yer.. hehe

Monday, December 28, 2009

hup! hup! hurray!

first of all.. im not as hepy as u guys expected ok..(if u refer to d title)

sy attend wedding ceremony ini dis morning. venue melati hall, perbadanan putrajaya.. guess what? i yg drive g putrajaya tuh.. fuh pkai ayu2, mekap bagai, skali kene drive.. brpeluh2 jugak la.. byk knderaan lak tu td.. stended la mrr2.. dgn cuace yg pns.. ahh silau.. i shud hv sunglasses with me..pedih gler mata tgk jalan. huu maklum arr bru2 nk drive jejauh kn.. so kne biase2 kn la.. huhuk.. otw blik, i tgk langit mmg gelap sgt.. i said 'mak nk ujan ni'.. bru je kt highway putrajaya tu, peh hujan turun dgn lebatnye.. mmg lebat parak la.. seriously i smpai da xnmpk jalan. i just depend pd lampu keter dpn and i jage jarak la takot dkt sgt kang terhentam uh,, dgn kecekalan dan doa yg tdk putus2, meneruskan prjalanan.. jammed jugak la cuz sume keter da bwk slow kn.. jantung i dupdapdupdap gak.. peh cuak la kot.. whatever it is, alhamdulillah kami slamat smpai kul 330pm.. huu syukur2.. =)

take a look several shotss =)

menarek bukan>>cupcakes

pelamin dia peh grand.. oops pengantin x smpai lg lor.. hhaha

princess~ hahhaha perasan gilosh. blah2!! kui3

muke sopan alahai.. aku da naek segan duk situ lelame..

my sis n my mum.. puteh amat lak ai.. kui2

posing kt uma before g sane. sempat g.. hee

mak u look gojez in pink!! :*

that's it. tata!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Value of my Life

wtf wif d title? pls made an ignorance. haha

geram ai.. i read this one sentence.. argh i think virus jealousy dah infected to me. damn!! pls go away!! no need la i jd mcm irrational thinking on what u doin, who u mingle with, where u are. etc.. damn damn..! i hate this feeling.. haros tenang.. but i just can't. should let u go from beginning rite. i'm a stone heart. i'd told u long time ago. it looks like me softhearted, but the fact is i'm very egoistic. org ckp prempuan ego ni truk? betol kn? i feel sux too.. actually i had tolerate my ego with u. few things i can start.. but the whole thing u had started. what can i say?

honestly, i feel we are not in d same line now. as such, u are in boundary a, while me in boundary b. since the world had totally split.. everything does not flower anymore.. (readers i hope u know what i mean rite).. im not hope much from u.. just a small attention. at least. is it so hard to hit me with nice greet or whatever that makes me sigh. i didnt expect to get u everytime. just a hope u feel me.. the way i think of u. i know things not usually done the way we want..

should i surrender?? or giving u chance? i dunno.. if u so mean, just let me go. woman burdens man. i know it. my prediction is to reduce your burden. no sunshine, world not bright like before =(

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pain is Beauty

title berkenaan adalah dirujuk.. haha.. itulah status saya skarang. xphm?? wat2 phm sudey. huhuk.. adududuuduuu.. can't imagine the next day and day.. but sure thing i will gain 2 profits from this suffer moment. huuu ayayayyaai.. last choice in this world. i will choose this. why? only myself can answer this not u and u and u.. i really hate mengeluh or wat so ever. i hate to gain sympathy. dats not me. tabah.. jgn mengeluh.. giler ah!! da sampai stage ni. xkan nk patah balik pulak kn. let say u reached perlis then u wanna turn to jb? not as simple as that lah. as$ simple maybe. haha now i start writing vulgar words and those carrot words,, rosak2 =p what ever it is.. i pray for myself to be strong. bertahan lah.. i'm not dying anyway rite..

ahh so come discuss my achievement for my last semester. damn i drop my pointer but still manage to maintain. kinda upset.. i blame myself. not u or u or u. ahh let see why this happen. as usual subjek2 menyebok like bel, 3rd lang, koko, i can hv gud grade for these. naseb baek la kn. law subjects!! i'm so ashamed now. hey law student xdpt a utk law subjek ke? apelah.. memalukan ok. really i feel this way. baru part 3 result makin merudum. i said to my bff-- aiyak smpai part6 brape je la pointer aku tggl kn? haha he's laughing and state i always playing? hey.. i think i'm serious enuff. come here and see the questions. so u can't deny it =p but surprisingly.. i get A for my equity n trust!!! haha mcm nk screaming and declare charitable trust for public benefit. haha see crap2!! this is one of killer and miserable subject for us since the lecturer pn uhh scary~ but alhamdullilah. i think sir john chuah was very in gud mud when markin my paper. rite sir? =p so mcm itu lah life. it is unexpected. i didnt expect to score this paper but well god's plan. dan sumenye depends pada rezeki individu tersebut kn. other law papers ade la i get b+,b,b-. ahh bad things i malu nk share lah =p

hurm what more to story here er.. ooh so now we are in december. i'm counting my days to be 21 years old lady. aah i love my genap age 20. but we are getting older and older. can't restraint it anyway. hahah.. i hope he remember my beshday. damn i really3 hope he remember it. i hope u remember me!! like i remember u. knowing u been busy with your working, report, presentation, blablabla and neglect me. ok i accept it.. but deep inside i'm a bit hurt. xpelah.. i can be more understanding. i wanna be matured. rejected all childish behaviour in me. how ek? urm.. tgk layout blog ni pn mcm 'small girl' punye blog. walhal 'big girl' haish. hahaha.. to person concerned in this paragraph, i missed u like a sand along the beach. ahh sh*t la baru je rase nak ber-shakespeare. just i hate literature so i can't continue with it. hehe

woww not bad dah 3 para i type rupenye.. haha ok la readers. i pn tataw nk cite ape.. hit later with my crap or gossip thingyy.. ngee gossip remind me to my adik2 (dayah n mai) hahak

currently listening to agnes monica~teruskanlah. ouch this song made me sad lorh