Saturday, October 23, 2010


santai?? haha damn nye.. nk exam and u still use this word santai. haish jin ape yg mrasuk anda ni hawa darlida! :)

and well,, as everybody knows (ceh bajet cm smua org care je).. hehe exam start next week.. and commencement the episode of strezz, pressure, crazee, and yet not die.. thnx god

sem ni i got 5 subjects yg sgt lah sasa (taff) muahaha sempat lg loyer buruk here! jurisprudence, family law, international law, law of association and intellectual property law. lawwwww je.. phewwww

dah la mls nk type panjang2.. (cm tah pape je bdk ni kan).

sy doakan utk diri sy smoge dpt jwb exam dgn cemerlang. insyaAllah dgn adanya usaha dan doa :) to all my friends, yg da half crazy menelaah tu, wish u all the best,, kite doa same2 yea.. hopefully everything goes accordingly. amin..

Thursday, October 21, 2010


tetibe i feel like i become a fragile girl.. like a glass yg jatuh sikit pn da pecah.. this thing is fragile,, so beware.. haha
impliedly to say,, easy to cry.. haih tringat pulak mcm kt boarding school dulu.. tp that was long time ago when my age was belas2..
now age pn da up to 22,, by then should be more mature la kn:)
hawa darlida.. hawa darlida.. u got infection ni.. :p

Friday, October 8, 2010


rase release.......
after talk to someone...
who i respect........
thank you.........