Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Update

this is my last update before exam.. ahhaaaa so cuak.. pray for me and my frens.. ya Allah, bantu lah aku dgn kwn2 mnjawab exam dgn tenang,,berikan ketenangan kepadaku utk menghadapi peperiksaan ini.. ameen..

several shots before exam. wuuuu

final destination.. ahaaa~

the time is golden (but still im wasting it =p)

hadap waterfall mkn. heaven~

cendol itu yg sedap.. warghhh

kucen yg wt aku saket jantong.. aiyokkk geramnyeee

*by that, i declare myself awayyyy from this blog. bye2 c ya! *,*

Friday, October 23, 2009

-point of no return-

i think u familiar with this term.. in the trust law.. where the settlor has reached the point of no return, means he cannot countermand his trust as the trust had properly constituted..

but my post got nothing to do with equity and trust or what so ever academic thing..

i'm reach this point.. where i can't turning back..

i know i'm hurting you..

i never intended to fool u. but u think so, i can't do anything

u said what ever i told you is a lie. no, you wrong

have u ever been in the situation where there's a 'war in your heart'?

u want, but.. the respond is vague..

so you choose to back off...

people say.. if 1 door close, let the others open..

i'm hopeless.. really..

if i can utter those words to you, i will...

sorry but unfortunately i can't speak out

i'm always in the part of where i'm not giving a chance to justify myself

i'm always let the people think what they wanna think..

hurm that is me ..

Thursday, October 15, 2009


baru aku phm ape itu obsess

dulu aku xprcaye ade ke obsess ni dlm hidup aku?

mlm ni.. yes tonite aku da phm ape itu obses pd org.

yg akan smpai thp yg menakutkan

ketenangan yg digugat..

hati yg terseksa..

ooh mngapekah...

i can't think now

damn messy..

argh help! =(

mr.jealousy: helo. da smpai ke? naik ria kn

me: huh? mane taw? u here? damn!

mr.jealousy: xla kt puchong ni. eh kt bangi

me: tpu. kt s.alam kn? kt cni kn?

mr.jealousy: aah kt s.alam. xnmpk ke?

me: (berlari2 ke tgkp) n seein white car.. sh*t! apasal tggu kt situ?!

mr.jealousy: eh mane ade. saje je. ok lah nk balik da. bye (smbil mlambai2 at me)

me: xnk jmpe ke?! *almost cryin cuz know i can't catch him anyway'

mr.jealousy: gone~

dont u know i missed u damn much but u go just like that? =(

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sky and The Earth

He loves green, I love pink

He loves beef burger, I love chicken burger

He hates cheese, I hate cigarette

He loves smoking, I love shopping

He enjoys singing, I enjoy watching (karaoke vs cinema uh?)

He loves calculating, I love reading (math vs English)

He dislikes reading, I dislike calculating

He independent, I dependent

He driver, I passenger

He eat less, I eat a lot

He slim, I’m fat (ah,, can’t help)

He needs to drink weight gain, I have to eat FTF (fight the fat. haaha!)

He 1985, I’m 1988 (hehe)

He tall, I’m short (It can be same if I’m wear high heels. Lalalaala~)

He did calling, I’m did sms-ing

He’s rural, I’m urban (laughing again!)

He’s black, I’m white (kah3)

He’s naughty, I’m decent (keh3)

He loveable, I’m lovely (weee~)

Lastly, he boyfriend and I girlfriend =)




(20 are enuff lol)

No matter how many contradictions, differences and so on between us,, it doesn’t matter anyway.. who cares?! Hahaha