Friday, November 28, 2008

I hate this part~

Yea im listening to pcd new song-i guess.. Best song i juz like it! Im not goin to talk wats d meaning of diz song. I just take d title. I hate diz part, when i refused to obey sumtin, then i'll be treated like rubbish. Hey wtf? Im not your slave. I have 'right to stand' so called locus standi. I know myself very well. Im just an obedient daughter. Other people, pls! Dont made any order. And i damn hate provocation. Provoc me, makin me angry. Wats d point! I didnt do such things dat make them feel offended. I know in law, defence of provocation will reduce the charge to culpable homicide. Grr whatever i just cant stand it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

PReJuDIcE ++ uNsEcUrED??

Last nite a long talk.. the introduction is good I think. Yea it’s really2 fun, laughing and all that with a lot of amusement. He’s damn hilarious! I’ve been fren with him accidentally. Not intended actually, because I have a good relationship with his gf, so that’s it! Surprisingly, I’m not keep in touch with his gf, but him. Haha wat a nonsense? I knowing him since 2006 before I go to kedah (further my study). Only now I transferred to shah alam, we’ve contact each other. Also I’d met him unintentionally. He had break up. Ok2 I know u’re playboy lotsa gfs. Keep changing gf. Aiyak u not handsome, don’t u know that?! =p Until the secret reveal. I just hate him. I dunno why I involve with this. It’s not my problem, but as a fren, I still have that kind of obligation. I’m not an ustazah to correct people but at least I must guide him.. to be told losing virginity at 15 is not the matter to be proud of. I know he’s kinda ‘wild’ but I never expected he extended my prediction very far. From the appearance I observed, I mean the hair must be dye, dressing n etc etc.. I know he’s problem person. This is first time I heard that type of confession. Nervous shock and even more than that! I’m Speechless. I’ve become very2 prejudice towards him and feeling unsecured indirectly. He knows I feel damn disappointed. I wanna advise him, but I just can’t. I know I’m young and he presumed me as his lil sis. Now I dun think it’s relevant and pls!! it’s disgusting to have bro as such. Issue here, supposedly I end up our friendship? Or just forget what he told me? Or try to advise him? Argh I’m just blur and lost =(

When secret does not a secret anymore…

Hushhhhhhh… secret is secret!! But I have to reveal apart from it to make the situation better. Just to avoid myself from being burdening with a guilty feeling. Sometime I’m real secreto person. Nobody knows what i’ve done and wat I’ve feel. But woman does not able to hide their emotion ayte? Once, it will show through their act or eyes. The eyes never lie. Mata mmg xpernah menipu. I’ve learned detection of deception during my psychology class a year ago. When a person cheat u, look at their eyes. Whether they have the strength to stare back at your eyes. But if they speak without making any eye contact, that’s it! Here is fraudster! Hahaha.. think I’m out of topic. Till now daa~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a backdated mistake =(

yea i made a mistake. i admit that.. huwaaa can u imagine.? i've been blabbering for 2 days. i hate it so. i told my fren bout thiss. he said, ala stended ar ank bongsu. uh? tink im not pampered, just sumtyme i always made chaos to my parent as well as my family. the tense is nearly reachin d max. but i still able to control. yea i know myself damn much. i hate people trigger my anger then i started to become hulk. anger management is crucial ayte? esp when i started workin outside there. i shud learn how NOT to follow emotion. ikutkan hati mati, ikutkan rasa binasa =(

Monday, November 17, 2008


Location: Marybrown. haha agak xpemes restaurant ini

nasik ayam linda onn. rm7.50+rm2.50=rm10. kopak la mkn cni.. huhu

stereotype position. har3

yani juge dgn pose kbiasaan bliau. kui2 jgn mrh

snyum lbey ckit mimi. u can do it! hahaha

dimulakan dgn piza hut, disudahi dgn nasik ayam. haha ntah pape. mcm blog crik2 mkn dah page aku ni.. last paper 15/11, 12pm. hurey2 (i dunno wat tone is this!) huhuhu sad? serious? indignant? aahh what so ever. yg pnting the exam is OVER! ktrg lunch kt my mum's chicken rice. hey m i quoted the name correctly? haha biaarlah.. mahal ciot... dah la orange kdai tu. kikikiki sdp je ngutok kdai org. xpe2 nnt kte 3 org buke restoren sesame ek. lg sdp (ditujukan pd yani dan mimi) haha ambitious tol.. kte challenge dak2 hotcat. amende mrepek daaa... agak xknyang sbenanye. cube korg lihat kuantiti nasik. ade ke cm dak tadika je nk kn. haaha ckit gle. tu la psl g merybraaun bli fries. ku dpt rasekn aura2 obese da mai.. help meeeeeeee =(