Saturday, January 29, 2011

no crunchy yes lemau!

makin lama makin xtaw nk buat apa walaupun berada di rumah dgn family tercinta.. i'm extremely affected by the 'thing'.. and due to the frustration i feel 'lemau' as everything had been plan ruined just in one glance!! my dear..... help me..... i can' pretend i'm happy.. no more


---saturday morning thousand miles distance

thank you kpd dia yg always try to improve diri dia for me.. pro or amateur is not an issue.. it just how u gonna maintain this no matter what skills you use provided that it succeed till the end :)
i'm starting scared to lose you.. in the sense that,, cuz u always be my side.. i'm worry if i can't get even when u not around.. burrr look now! u or me yg feel threatened..? hehe

*maaf if not reach ur expectation sbb sy pn manusia biasa*

waa da lame gilaaaaa x uplod pic kt blog ni! ;p

it's been a long time i guess..

dah lame x rasa mcm ni... for the previous few months i'm happy2 aje... however yesterday was again i feel it.. sedih.. i'm so sad.. nasib tidak menyebelahi sy lg.. but i still wish if it can be miracle.. i'm really hoped for it.. i don't know how to express it.. it's not a big thingy should i think but i'm dying thinking on this.. ya Allah just let me know the sign and reason behind this.. so that i won't ever crying regret on something like this.. mum ckp ni dugaan.. mak,, i have no intention at all nk buat sape-sape terkilan.. kita merancang tuhan yg tentukan.. *crying*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

how u score the feeling?

i do not know how to start...
but i'm already start writing anyway.. hehe
without permission i'm legally want to copy paste these words which i think is quite mesmerizing.. wahh hiperbolenye..
however u still the author of the copyright =.= (if u happen to read this pls comment) =.=

in a game...a player doesn't determine whether he or she wins the game...the score did...same with heart...the person chasing the heart never know whether he or she has win it...or's the outcome...even it seems that is not what has appeared...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

yes u are right

u are correct at.. how can u live in jealousy.. u can't stand it.. even if we continue doing like this.. u will hurt even more.. i know u think this is ever worse decision u had made.. but like u said.. it will be harder in the future.. i do as what u requested.. i disappear as what u wished.. i can't commit this sin by hurting a person like you.. this is the second time.. i hope u success in your life.. if God bless.. we'll meet again in a beautiful moment..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and back to school..

back to school on 3rd january.. doing the same thing with lectures, tutors, assignments, tests, exam.. yadaaaa yadaaa *.* will put more hard work on these things. insyaAllah..

yesterday was my anniversary.. born day.. as most of my friends know.. my birthday is veryyy lambat which they can't wait to wish me! haha izit? ;p

no celebration becuz everyone just busy doin' their business and plus i don't care.. i don't mind.. i just appreciate all the pray and wishes they greet me.. thank you so much.. amin ya rabbal al amin :)

the most i remember is yeah! still i'm not over you.. receiving the text just made me happy.. and listening to your voice is what i call it ''harder to breathe'' i do not know where i have the strength anyway.. haha i just made it.. and daaaa my confession is.. yesss,, i just breaks my heart again and again..

so i ask this persuader.. hehe cuz always persuade me for this foolish matters.. ''completely over him when u're ready'' naaah this is question of fact how can i define ready.. izit i'm ready when i see u with burrr or until and unless u made me hate u or me myself have someone burrr.. ah let it be.. damn i need special painkiller to stop me talking bout this shit

before i end this emotional entry.. i guess.. haha laugh again! i would like to express my gratitude to best friend of mine, mira for spending some of her valuable time with me.. indeed i'm too happy.. and sorry if i'm not a good friend to you thou.. i try to be.. i will.. and just to remind myself.. i add up my friend.. i know him from mira. 1 word- miracle! never believe i can have such a good relationship with you which at first i think stranger.. haha oopss sory.. thanks to u too for everything i learned from you..

i end this.. thanks for reading this.. no input. just an irritating expression of me. hehe

footnote: 22 is still young and dangerous ;p