Monday, October 27, 2008

doesn'T mAkE SeNsE~

i hate this beruk. therefore i capture it. haha?

pinky is d most annoying among others!

choc beryl's yg aku mkn bile ngantok. ntah pape =p

buku CTU. huwaaa blum khatam lg ni.. wednesday da final. atoi!

iT'S a piZzA mOmeNt!

PIZZA super supreme yg xbley blah!

muke lapar vs muke kenyang =p

boley thn gak ek scene carpark blakang yani ni.. haha

mimi klihatan gumbira menanti pizza. hua3

ini adalah gamba smate2 =p

adekahh ini 1 bls dendam coz we ended our lecture last friday..? hoyeah2... it begins the study week and suffered moment for all of us. study-study-study till faint.. haha not dat bad laa.. finished our lecture on the law of contract, so long to mr. Helmi? haha no... he will become one of our 'pengawas exam' soon.. aiyak! hhaahaa.. wanna clarify this... our intention is BONA FIDE. dont get me wrong.. good faith-kenyang-jiwe tenang suda...
wish me luck for my exam. 7 subjects. apart are 4 law subjects. huwargh kinda headache thinking this.. ya Allah tabahkanlah hatiku ini.. permudahkan everything dat i suppose to answer during this exam.. amin.. =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

ReAdinG Is a NeCeSSiTY!

i wonder y i'm attracted to capture this. honestly, i never entered this. our national library.. hua2 i'm so ashamed.. to trigger my issue now, EXAMmmmm is comin soon. just around d corner. as usual, i'm damn damn scared now. 7 subjects to cover. hey it's the real burden.. feel like my head wanna xplode.. haha myself uncontrolled.. how bad.. however, syukur Alhamdulillah.. thankss to my mum so much for telling me a gud news diz evening.. the thing is, sumthing is encouraging me to study. double triple my effort... i know this world is not mean to me to punish me as such. still, i've got the chance. i grabbed this opportunity and take it as challenge. nothing is impossible. only us make it impossible. i'm always hold my principle USAHA+DOA+TAWAKAL.

DoLL hOuSe~

cute ayte?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i would like to congratulate my sister for successfully graduating! yeah my sis roxXX!