Monday, July 28, 2008

bLack N wHiTe EquAL To...?

we are so blacky n whitey =p

Perasaanku tentang perasaanku kepadamu…

Jiwangness comes… can’t help… huhu… fight the loneliness and fight with my own feelings. Terribly I feel so bad. I missed him damn much… but does he care to me? I guess not…

‘tuhan… maafkan diri ini… yg x bisa menjauh dr angan tentangnya.. namun, apalah daya ini... bila sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia...’

Aiya wat’s happen to me?? ‘Declaration of single life’... haha 3 years… hope didn’t breach our contract. Expect this will work as to focus on my study now. Funny lol how crazee we are here. Everything is change now! Yes time to change! Chaiyok2!

5 ThingS to Be HiGhLighTeD~

1. The song always in my mind:

o Right here waiting for you ( oldies+jiwang)

o Menaruh harapan ( my rumet laugh if I start ‘sing’ this song.. haha)

o Touch my body ( haha the most nonsense song, but I just like it!)

2. Keep saying this:

  • Agak la..
  • Speechless
  • Ampeh!

3. Good habits (here la):

  • Bangun awal (wah! Becoz klas start 8.30am. har3)
  • Mkn only twice a day ( heh really?)
  • cautious (xnk pkai heels coz da kne cursed kt menara)

4. Bad habits:

  • kureng rajin membaca- damn2 bad (hey law student kn, c’mon la! Huhuh)
  • landing2 time (kuat tdo cm hippo. Hahah)
  • outdated- pity me, x read newspaper here =(

5. Rank my subjects (1= most preferred, 4=least preferred)

  • law of tort
  • constitutional law
  • Malaysian legal system
  • law of contract

haahhahaha suke2 ati je nk rank subject. Suppose to love all… huhu… I need to study to pass all these papers. Pray for me =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorrowful = (

Uneasy to let people understand what we have been through… the people who like to underestimate other people. And this is damn real irritating. For how long they know us? They even go to that place, therefore stop evaluate us and make whatever damn presumption about us. O.P.T.I.M.I.S. This is a phrase to make them realize. But what for if the mind’s frame says no. Nothing gonna change it. I know I can face this kind of difficulties. Ya Allah, help me… help us…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NosTaLgic JouRneY….

i hope my life is blooming like this =p

What people state is undeniably correct… to success is not easy as expected. It even hard more than started this life… whooho… I’m severely tired here… counting my days here, undergo the suffer moment on about 17 days. Huhu kinda imprezza… and humbly said that, I can adapt here. Intentionally to achieve what I want. Damn really want. Whatever happens, I need to be strong. People can, why I can’t? Change my frame of mind, that’s the most part. Yea don’t really cares what people do (I mean interfere their life). The main reason to be here is to focus and complete my study. I keep remember my parent also my sisters. They proud of me and of course I don’t want to devastate them. It’s killing me if I’m fail! Guilty and useless – is not an enough expression to show what I feel towards them. It even brings more sense than that. No desire to be a hopeless pity girl. Hate that!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My NeW nEw LiFe… *exclusive*

Whoa… past few days I registered myself at university (actually before this already entered univ). On the 3rd of July, I’m valid as one of the student here. Hehe I dunno what I feel, wutcha think of, but unquestionably my future is here. I have the obligation to decide the ‘dazzling or murky’ future for myself. Well determination must inside strongly without doubt. Get along with my ex-rumet and now turn to the present rumet again… (hhehhe the same person). Ok end the registration day. Can’t write everything coz there’s a lot! =p

The next day, I was trying to adapt myself with the lifestyle here. It’s not really difficult coz my surrounding like friends, I’d already know since our foundation. The problem is just the distance of my hostel and the class (as well as the law faculty). We need to go there by bus. Huhuh my minds says tired, tired… but my heart still strong. Knowingly and voluntarily I will survive. Hope so… Amin… this place is really different with my former univ. damn huge! Nevertheless, it’s ok. Coz me myself is still ‘fresh’, I takes time to familiarize myself here. After a brief registration at DSB (one of the short term for the hall here), we explore this place by walking. Huhuhu kinda worn-out! I’d rather take bus (hahaha how lazy I am!). The last part of the day is me and my friends go to midvalley by commuter. Seriously amazing coz even though I’m origin here (I mean fully selangorian), I’m not really used to the public transport (oohh shameful of me). Followed my friend and come back on the 10.30 pm. Damn late. We are so scared if passed the 11pm. The rules and regulations here is to return before eleven. Thnx god coz we succeed reach our destination before that. Then sleep loh (with several hurts on my body coz insufficient rest and sleep). – end—

Like no other inquiry, proceeds my life here. New lifestyle, new friends, new condition, with the same mission. That’s for sure. Conclude my post here. Wait the next entry... chioowzz =)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bored To Tears [BTT]

Inexpressible situation… busy on preparing to further my study…

Catch the ‘catastrophe’ time organizing this jiwe kacauness (chaotic heart)

Some more, lotsa problems in my thoughts and minds…

Hell yeah… I’m excessively dejected! I’m of not being peaceful.

It’s now the time to began my new life. Catch the ‘joyfulness of studying’.

Turn out to be busy student again (what the heck?).

Depart my two months ‘heaven moment’… huhu…

All the way through a process of adapting with new location, circumstances, friend, acquaintance, surrounding and everything…

Optimistically surviving this journey… amin…. =)