Wednesday, September 30, 2009


dush! dush! malasnyeeeee nk menaip... haaha i'm actin like lazy bear now.. dem real lazy to update this blog. lotsa in my mind but just this,, ahh i can't blame my finger.. ahahaaa~

week ago raye sakan.. (sakan ke? haish).. thought i'll not get any raya moneyyy.. but imprez i get 2rat.. (shopping? =p) no-no need to have saving from now on. cuz i had planned with fren of mine, during diz semester break nk g holidaying.. wiiiii shall we? =)

diz year ramai pulak tetamu dtg umah.. cian mak xdpt nk rest sgt.. but u like it don't u mak? =)

day 1-7 syawal mmg heaven~ haha sedar xsedar i have to submit my criminal assignment on the next monday (i mean last monday).. so i reach here(sux alam) at 5pm sunday and smpai2 tu trus sedar diri. on my laptop, searching for cases, and what not.. haha can see my kalut face time tu.. lantak lah.. thnx god my housemate xbalik lg.. so they can't see how funny i am at that point of time.

by 2am only i can landing and sleep.. phew... sigh~ i conmpletely done my last minute assignment.. (uh whatta bad student i am ayte?)

errmm pe lg nk citer.. oh yea!!! as usual 'good' news.. my final exam is less than 1 month from now. without stdy week.. huu suffer.. (sejarah pre law part 3 again!).. risauu sgt2!! tp i'm not change. dats the problem.. helloooooooo hawa darlida keluarlah dr dunia fantasy u tu!! focus,concentration,hardworking,bless,pray,determination.. some of the key words that i should hold till the end. urgh.. the tense is increasing.. mcm biase la i'm hyperkalut gurl, can't deny this =p

some of the photos during eid. enjoy looking! ahahaa~

ketembaman dan kelebaman yg xdpt dicover.. atey..~

akak sy yg shantek.. ngehehe

akak sulung yg tomey cm ank bongsu kononnye... koh3 =p

mak saye my heart~

smakin chubby owg tgh ye.. huhuk

mata ular kate akak sy.. haish~

*byk g gambo tp maleh nk haplod.. ckuplah byk2 kang nyampes lak owg tgk ROFL*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

*hot stuff*

mwahahaha another way of wasting moneyy.. haiyaa i'm almost broke.. facts! huu damn sux bein shoppaholic like me.. but i hope i wont be like the woman in the movie (the confession of shoppaholic).. she hunted by creditors. wargh i can't imagine..! if dat happen to me i'd rather die.. ROFL. argh why must i love shopping rather than watching movie, karaoke, blablabla and all the nonsense feveret teenage things =p

perfume.. flowers by cynthia rowley

the bottle.. exclusive not? =p

another stuff is magic contact lens.. haaaha tadaaa shipping from korea.. funny lolx~ (nmpk x 2 small bottles tu??)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


so lameeee da xup8 my blog.. xtaw nk type ape.. dunno wat to story here. the fact is that i'm really2 damn bz working on assignments, tests, presentations. aahh student.. redha je lah.. anyway ade jugak la nk citer..

first thing last week, me berbuke pose dgn someone and his family. ehem2 invitation kn.. xkn x g pulak. koh3.. ish2.. naseb bek parent dia sporting.. round2 phg aku sabtu aritu.. haha agk gile yer.. tp mmg best. thnx to u =)

suasana kampung yg mmg aku ske kt uma dia . tenang jer..~

diyan love gemuk.. eiyuww

ini 2 ekor arnab kt umah saye.. mmg ta pueh ati tol dgn mereka sbb bunyi lucing tu sgguh annoying. wawawawa =p

eh laptop sape ni? pinknyeeeeeeeeeee... haha walaweyh laptop ku baru angkat ni.. muehehe i mean the skin.. (xdpt vaio pink skin pn jd la =p)