Sunday, November 13, 2011

it belongs to someone out there

I want someone to share my secrets with

someone to talk to late at night when I can't sleep

someone who feels comfortable around my family

someone to comfort me when I'm scared

to hold me when I'm sad

someone who doesn't need to say that he loves me for me to know it's true..

are you that someone? =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. alhamdulillah.. blog ni masih bernyawa.. hehe even after abandoned by me for more than a month :D

well the title doesn’t reflects me.. errhh staying 4 months at home just made me so ‘slim’. I’m scared to death.. becuz not only worry about my physical appearance but the most important thing is my health. Like my mom said.. ‘the more fat you are, the more diseases you have’ true mom.. For real,, I don’t feel right with my eating pattern =(

ouh now we are in Ramadhan. Happy fasting everyone.. whatever it is,, I feel so thankful becuz this year setelah sekian lama.. sy boleh berpuasa selama 30 hari with my family. It’s great to gather since I don’t really have this kind of chance to be at home every Ramadhan before.. I remembered how difficult to search and struggle for foods when u already tired for classes and what not.. but berbuka puasa ramai2 with my friends was fun. Seriously,, I miss the time with all of ya.. but to be here with family is a golden opportunity,, I am so grateful.. And you too rite? =)

btw,, this sept we gonna further our study as planned. Alhamdulillah.. hopefully everything done accordingly.. tapi i cm tak ready pulak nk study balik.. mybe it’s becuz I’m too busy with my working thing.. ahh I’m too old for that stuff.. (ted mosby). Lotsa things not settle yet.. actually not at all done. Haha why I’m so layback ni.. ooh help me God..

oke just get back to what I have now. It’s a bliss to be here with my family,, and you.. everyone who always support me all this while, my dear bff mya and my fat meow. my life would sux without u.. Hehe ^^

i heart my family..
sgt happy.. feel like wanna cryin'.. thanks ya Allah :')

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horrible Monday

First of all,, this is a delayed post which I intended to post it yesterday.

Yesterday was like daymn,, I am terribly perform the week. I mean Monday was symbolizing the whole week. Not really an accurate way to measure but who cares. I do care my Monday went all wrong. It started when I woke up late at 8.15am. can u imagine that?? I have to be in office by 9 am supposedly. I was really in hurry! shower, suit up myself and messy stuff lol. Seriously I’m look mcm “tak siap’’ ah I don’t mind how I look becuz I need to shoot to my workplace. 8.50am drove the car and shit yes the car was not in the porch becuz the engagement ceremony, I parked outside and it was beyond 2 houses. So baby, run! Go get my car and drove like f1.

In the middle or hurry-ness, messy-ness and worry-ness.. that is another person which hey green light kot r u blind?? Dah la nk cepat kan boleh pulak org tu static aje kt lampu hijau I was like piin!! Quick2 move I need to go to work, and maybe u just wanna go to pasar so layback at traffic lite lol. And there you go another traffic light challenge of the day.. this one is kind of helpful, it doesn’t functioning and all the late-selfish-workers (ooops =p) just go with the flow. Like sape cpt dia pegy dulu laa.. ehe.. woo selayang mmg byk lampu isyarat eyh..

And obviously the time was past 9 am. I mcm redha je lah.. park, pay for the parking and hilarious thing. Super kalut salah key in number krete-1969 (maybe my future bmw number) Haha marah kat diri sndiri sbb the ticket was ready and what can I do. Rase mcm nk kick je the parking ticket machine which was a very innocent one. I’m blaming myself.. kalau lah saya x lewat bangun.. haaa =( and guess what? 9.10am I punch card uolss. Kalau gov servant dah bloody in colour ni. Haiyaa I need to change..

i'm a legendary part-time staff ROFL

and sometimes pretend awesome. LMAO

Sunday, June 19, 2011



1. by december or january,, insyaAllah gonna be maksu. heee december lor boleh celebrate togetha with maksu rite baby? =DD

like giler pic dorg yg ni. ni pic my akak yg 2nd time nikah. now they are future mummy and daddy. sho they excited to experience it. harap2 sumenye selamat. amin..

2. alhamdulillah. i've got my result for my final sem last thursday. it was expected i mean not in a good way. hehe my current pointer is drop like i wanna dropkick myself but i manage to maintain my cgpa. all in all,, syukur sgt2 dah complete everything, passed all the subjects. and naaahh penantian selama 4 years (include my foundation as well) is worth it. we are now degree holder,, convo in oct. c ya friends! =))

haha ni uiam student punye convocation. curik my sis punye pic. heee da brangan kn nk pegang2 bunga bagai =p

some of good friends of mine mase bufday celebration cik umie

3. kakak sulung yg sumpah i heart <3 sgt dah tuka status smalam. dia dah jd tunangan org. ooh happy for u but sad for myself. nmpknye i'm the only one yg brgelar bujang dlm rumah tu nnt. ahax~ and also thankss to my bffs zai and mira sbb sudi dtg. waaah best sgt u guys dtg and three of us reunite even just for a short time. i really appreciate it. the more the merrier. gittew =p

pretty greeny! dgn zainura, best friend mase skolah rendah.. cm dah lama xjumpe walhal rumah dekat je. we are busywoman rite? =p

a very momentous picha..

Monday, June 13, 2011

my mood

mood: angry cat!

meoww is so ANGRY!! grrr..

okie lah nak tido esok keje. buhbye~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

random bebel of the week

amazing sy tgk bola td. apetah gol sndiri. haha whatever, not my problem. tp yg problem wujud group2 gelediks kt fb.. to the extend they accuse it as conspiracy. hey wutcha think of ha? miracle did happen and just accept it laa..

so nk update sket la since sy da keje for 1 week. eyh 1 week baru? why haaa rase cm da lame je.. haha

mmg dlm proses nk adapt.. hopefully everything goes fine la..

ouwh anyway terjumpe artikel ni dlm m'sian bar punye website..

i think it's relevant to my workplace situation now. there are several complaints from the boss that their employees keep facebooking in working time. which means they are extremely unhappy with this..

ouh why laaa mark zuckerberg not end this fb thingyy =p

Friday, June 10, 2011

seoul garden with soul

ouh last night kami (me and cik mya) makan besaaa.. yg sgtlaaah sedapp smpai xlarat nk mamam! hoho ^.^ balek keje trus g OUUUU~ well sgtt mls nk menaip.. let's the pichas story then =]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


kadang-kadang ade satu tahap yg kita rase nk runaway..

can i just leave this earth and stay in another planet??

Friday, June 3, 2011

where r u moron :')

braces-girl with her moron cute cat :((

my kitten da hilang.. mybe dia mrajuk smlm sbb i called her moron.. sometime she irritates me with her hyper-active behavior and makes me like- grrryyy geramnyer..! now she lost and gone. i wish her back and kinda to sing the song-talking to the moon ;(

and to add more,, at this point of time, i guess someone is mad at me. didn't reply my msg.. ouh i dunno what to do. will u forgive me if i ever hurt ur feelings dearie? i'm bad to console people...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


ade golongan yg suke sgt merendah kan org lain..

yg prejudis tanpa mengambil kira aspek lain

yg fikir mereka good enuff

walhal... hey! sedar diri ckit boley x??

Sunday, May 29, 2011


just a short entry.. before lala land~

it's worrying me time to time.. i'm gettin' bigger and bigger.. haha i mean the weight.. with this unhealthy lifestyle.. eat and sleep.. u can predict what happen next rite.. i'm scared.. ngeee ngade2 sgt.. xdela sbenarnye happy sbb saturday yg sgt lah 'lame' jd best becuz finally at night we went out sumwhere. and 'entertain' our cute belly.. ha3 x getu my akak? and thanx to future bro in law for the treat. it was awesome to have such dinner with both of u =))

and plus happy for another good news which i'm not
intent to share with u guys now,, but later insyaAllah.. life is full with element of surprise.. alhamdulillah =)

ahax can't wait for the delicious-yummy-seducing steak, lasagna and calimari. hoho ^^

tadaaa here are my faces pakai spec.. it's been a long time i'm not wearing spec all the time. it just sbb lens agak memerlukan ongkos.. so mybe i have to start wear spec again la.. why not?? =p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my favourite girls

We’re living in memory.. everyone got their own. Same goes to you.. you and you..

And me.. This is how the story begins.. (eceh ala2 ted dlm how I met your mother sgt! Haha)

I’m gonna talk about the valuable friendship we had since we’ve been LAWYERED =D haha oke that’s funny..

First thing first! Can u stop me write in English?? Burr

Actually,, just nk cerita pasal kengkawan yg sgt sy love sepanjang sy study.. (but still 1 hv 1 year to go)

The first award goes to ummi sharmimi or mimi or cik umie. Izit popiler enuff? Hehe :p

So.. minah ni da jadik my roommate since we were in kedah lg. just imagine almost 4 years. Can u believe that? If I’m a guy,, I should marry this girl becuz.. heyy what u waiting for 4 years loyal relationship?? Haha oke crap! Ehem dia ni nmpk je diam tp garang sebenonye. X prcaye test her?? Says something obscene like I do every day. Or.. maybe u can provoke her while she was driving. Easy peasy just ride your motorcycle so close to her car which lead to her explosive point. And naaahh some miracle words she would utter. Seriously I admire the way she cursed. Muahahaha oke gelak guling2 jap! Dia ni also rescuer tatkala lipas datang menyerang hendap sy. Gosh I hate u idiot cockroach!! And since I spent so much time with her.. she knows me well.. like.. who I dislike so much, who the latest boo, what I like to do, what I’m good at (ooh this one please tell others) hahaha and what not.. long story short.. she knows lotsa things about me.. seriously.. puhlease mimi jgn dedahkan kecomelan aku.. hahahahha slap myself!

tadaa here me and cik umie !! =)

Next is cik haryani or cik yani or.. cik haryabai.. bkn sbb dia serabai.. ataupun cm lagu bird tongchai sabai-sabai.. tp it’s becuz once upon a time… ahax mmg lame dah ni… our bel lect trsilap spell her name as in haryabai. Okie enuff cik yani mst bace smbil ketap gigi mrh2 ni. Hehe. Yani nie how to describe her ha.. mimi ko tlg explain sikit.. ha3 tibah sgt.. so beliau ni unik sbb dia lain dr kami. Contoh! We say.. god,, this guy so handsome muke is lee dong wook taw. Dia bleyh ckp xhensem. Hai ni mengundang kemarahan ni!! Taste dia weolss je taw.. uolsss kalo taw diam2 je k. syyyh =p and one more,, dia ni obsess kat juara. Perodua juara. Oke korang.. I know korang terkejut sbb juara tu burok kn. Ooops.. tp tu lah cik yani suke design dia uolss.. ntah hape la yg dia nmpk pd kereta tu. Kereta ke mesin basuh ntah. Oopps kutok lagy =p so dia ni my skandal.. tp cdey sbb nnt da xjumpe dia.. syiob2

cik yani and me.. we're looking for some stars.. uhuukk

here are three of us. me, freaky-face-yani and cik umie

Lagi sorang.. farahdilah.. or kak farah. Sbb dia ni berusia sket la. Ahax mati aku kalo kak farah bace. Xla tuwe sgtt just 2 years older than us. Hehe so kak farah ni mcm penyelamat kami lah.. penyelamat dr kesesatan. Ha3 xlah sekronik tu. What I mean here is she’s the most religious among us.. senang kira.. sbb my mom tgk sy kwn dgn dia,, my mom jd lega.. u know what I mean rite. Or xphm naseb korg lah. Hihuu.. so she kinda serious.. byk ilmu.. I think she gonna be lecturer. Hehe.. tp even dia serius,, lepas kwn dgn kitorang yg ‘matang’ ni.. she end up gila2 jugak. She’s funny sometime. . the best part is.. this woman is really good at cooking.. well cm me, mimi n yani.. kitorang bab2 masak ni mmg ‘handal’.. we know how to eat well :DDD To kak farah.. slamat maju jaya as supervisor kt nursery tu yeh. kikiki (ooh sory readers! kak farah wont let me to publish her picha)

And lagy..khairul anis shafikah.. or anis.. or khairul. Oops the last one we not used it =p

Anis yg sgt comel.. anis bonda.. bonda anis.. anis dan bonda.. eyh ape aku mrepek ni. Haha.. so few frens call her bonda sbb anis ni keibuan sgt.. I remembered she was so calm.. dia x kalut2 mcm hawa darlida. Hehe.. in third semester we have to make Arabic drama. So this girl yg tolong buat script becuz… the rest in the group is so ‘excellent’ in arab like we can count the vocab u know.. muahaha.. it’s a challenge to act since no one ever won the Oscar rite. So,, sape lah yg hebat berlakon sgt kn?? Even if khabir Bhatia wants to shoot drama with us he rather kill himself sbb.. too many cut!! Damn I hate acting =.= it just so hypocrite and not real. Uhhh. Ouh back to anis dear.. so dialah yg tulis skrip.. dialah director.. all in all.. anis contribute banyak.. we just being sucks actress. Hoho ok too much! Lg 1 yg sgt suke psl anis is she appreciates friendship. Dia hargai kawan2 dia,, dia suke spend mase dia dgn kwn2, and dia jaga hati kwn2.. so kalo ade reality tv in Malaysia bff.. anis dgn syairah mst join ok! Hahahaha joke2. Syairah u next! =)

anis cantik pakai kebaya malam tuu.. =)

tadaaa weoollss 3 org lg..

anis-mimi-me-ohpuhlease-yani =p

Syairah.. akak syairah.. guess what.. sy terfikir nk pggil dia akak sbb someone call her akak. Ehe

Sy admire syairah.. not only becuz she so smart.. mmg dia sgt pandai.. and I’m proud to be her friend.. another thing is she so kindhearted.. like u can’t even sakit hati dgn dia.. dia pn sgt comel dan kecik.. ohoo really hope I can be like her.. but puhlease hawa! U too big okei. Haha.. so syairah ni pandai and religious also. Sbb tu sy admire dia.. she is anis’ bestfren. They are like twin. Same comel same baik.. hehhuu.. (mimi boleh x kalo kite pn jadi cm dorg??) hahaha.. when study,, xfaham ke.. tanye je dia sbb she can explain like after that u can say.. laa sng je.. huhu I think she also has potential to be a lecturer. Academician is the person who is knowledgeable rite?? :DD eherm and lg 1 sy tringat.. when I break up with my bf,, dia ade ckp sumtin pd sy.. yg mmg lps tu sy lega giler dgr.. it feels like u’ve been motivated. thanks sis.. I really owe you for that advice =)

i think i know why i like this pic. becuz that lomo camera!! haha syairah u so luckyy =))

Last but not least wan hafsah or cik hafsah. So hafsah ni the youngest among us. Tp x pulak kitorang pggil dia adik sbb.. hafsah ni serius orangnye. Kn hafsah?? Hehe.. it just hafsah ni matang mybe sbb dia anak sulung ataw sbb dia ramai adik.. but tapi! She knows cartoon more than us. Haha this one funny. Hafsah ni pn nice girl.. smart also.. suke mkn sayur. Eyh yg tu penting ke?? Hahaha.. ohoo 1 thing! Hafsah ni suke fight2 manje dgn kak farah.. like we just ..’oke mule dah’ hahaha.. and so that a little bout her. But hey.. wadduppp with Scotland?? I know what u did in scotland… teeett!! =p

cik umie and hafsah. heehee sweet kn hafsah..

Haaa tudiaa amekau panjang giler nok mak berceloteh.. puas ati den!! So tu la serba-sedikit about my friends. They are some of great friends I have in my life.. may Allah bless all of us.. best of luck girls.. I’m looking for good news from each of you.. now and in future =)

*the pics was taken during my pre-grad dinner in sacc convention* ..

Monday, April 18, 2011

ex-bf tak sama dgn ex-am =p

Have you ever been in love
Been in love so bad
You'd do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You'd give anything to make them feel the same
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart
But you don't know what to say
And you don't know where to start

tetibe teringat lagu ni. i love those lyrics. it's really true~
haih nk exam msh sempat berjiwang. wake up hawa darlida!
final sem ni!!

oke la back to the bisness.. my main intention is to wish all my friends goodluck..
semoga diterangkan hati oleh Allah utk menjawab exam.. amin..

special message.. i lob all of you.. hehe

Sunday, April 17, 2011


updated! in the sense that rase ade yg trigger me to write sumtin here.. it's like u trigger the shotguns and shot!

the same thing happen.. i don't know why people did this mistakes regularly.. n maybe i'm also the contributory factor.. haaa

the perfect words would be... 'no one could understand you better except yourself''

Sunday, March 27, 2011

cepat mengalah.. indeed i am..

such a bad night.. u got the point, we need to fight for survival.. what u told me is true.. but it just me.. sy mmg mcm ni.. i hope to change one day.. why not??

listening to lifehouse songs with tears =(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

critical date -.-

critical date as in international law begin when there is dispute on the territorial sovereignty.. but anyway,, that's not my major concern here. no related to IL at all

so we are in the 9th week,, more than half of the semester.. the status is like... all your compartment full with assignments.. Dateline pun close2 je. CRITICAL DATE! after a stressful-bad-terrible-horrible tests last week,, i just can't imagine my carry marks.. hopefully not CRY marks. seriously i need to perform good for my assignments.. haaaa bosan kan.. rasenye every sem i will update at least one entry yg cerita betapa tension nye sy dgn life as a student ni.. and plus tu je kot yg i think boleh nk publish to public. i'm not a person who having the ability to write the whole thing and moreover i respect my own privacy too..

not every single thing u can share to people.. just remember.. u don't call it secret when u told others. to know everything about me is impossible but just explore and discover this time to time.. it done for reasonable purpose.. how u measure reasonable?? and yeah as i remember my lect said the most unreasonable word in the world is reasonable.. it might be reasonable for me,, but unreasonable for you.. entirely open to individual's interpretation kn.

tapi but however!! stress tension pressure mcm mane sekali pun sy sem ni.. sy tetap hapyyy dan bahagia.. i love all my friends beside me.. some of them maybe sy dah x jumpe next sem since this is my last sem of BLS. some intend to further in master or just proceed with working.. or some mybe just end up with marriage and be a great housewife. hahahaha will it happen!! it just all my memories with all of you,, i cant purchase it in any supermarkets,, or shopping complex yadaaa yadaa all my fav place.. it is not like shares when there is some redeemable... the thing is u can't redeem any points to get back the friendship you already have and you can't buy back those happy-sad moment we shared together.. auwww sy pulak rase sedeyh tetibe..

to end this kinda 'emotional' entry.. hehhe.. i wish to all my friends- good luck girls!! let's fight till the end of this study.. insyaAllah =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

feel the 'heat'

ntah kenape sy msh nk update blog walhal test khamis ni. hehe ni la namenye pressure smpai xnk study. ooops! =p

heat or in other word panasss.. tense.. so many upcoming test,, ni yg xsuke trlalu layback mase awal2 sem.. skang ni hambek ko.. huhu so sy nk list down my upcoming tests!

1. family law-khamis ni lols
2. company law- next wed
3. intellectual property law- the day after
4. jurisprudence- the same day. night of terror!
5. international law- next next friday

hah complete 5 subjects compete !! doakan sy uolsss.. mls nk fikir side2 thingyy yg menyesakkan otak sy yg limited memory ni.. nk pkai 8 terabyte punye external loh sng. haha
and anyway a few things sy allergik.. xbleyh dgr.. allergik taw x.. and the things are teeett! it just pleasee la jgn sebut dpn sy..

Monday, February 21, 2011

wrong man for the job

doesnt mean u are not the rite person u are jobless now.. it just.. yeah similar facts to me. so i put it here..

I Thought that you were the best part of me,
Baby I guess that we just believe what,
We wanna believe
I Thought I knew you so well , I couldn't tell
That this was sinking so deep,
I see it now,
I'm breathing now,
Its time for me...
For me..
To let it go

It was cool when it started but now the flame has gone
You´re The Wrong man for The Job,
My heart is breaking in pieces, but still I'm moving on,
You´re the wrong man for the job,
I cant believe it took me so long to realize,
Finally know what it feels like
I'm starting over but,I wont be afraid
I'm sorry to say,
You´re the Wrong man for the job

Sometimes I wish I could take back everything,
It be easier to never have known you,
I would spare myself so much pain,
Still I can't stop thinking ´bout,
What I'mma do without,
You on the lonely nights,
But now I know,what I gotta do,
I cant ever change you,
Letting it go tonight..

Im Looking for somebody to love me, the way I should be loved,
I need someone to do more for me, than you have ever done,
I love you but you're not the one...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'm wonder..

sometimes it's not good to be so secretive.. but since i do respect the 'cohesion'..
it's kinda embarrassing to tell the truth.. revealing what not..
i don't really have general rule.. where the general rule is subject to exceptions
it just sometimes too many exceptions then the exception become your general rule.. that's the beauty of law. hahaha phm x??
ouh oke! sy blur sudah~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

boring.. seriously i tell u

1 week cuti,, dunno what to do..

smalam we've been shopping.. just me, mum and abah,. ok it sounds like cm sy ni anak emas pulak kn.. haha hell no.. tu sbb akak2 sy keje.. so we can't shop all five together..

mood shopping spoil even duet ade.. huhu.. so smalam kami cm teman abah je yg shopping.. sy cuma lihat2 dan tolong choose2 aje..

is this a sign sy akan melalui depression soon.. haiyaa.. nauzubillah.. ya Allah let me be strong

but grateful sy ade teeettt... yg sy rase boleh heals jugak perasaan xbes ni..

sy ckp sy xsuke perfectionist.. tp sy nk org perfect di mata sy.. so silap pd sy la kn..

eyh ape merepek ni.. dah laa dah la...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

no crunchy yes lemau!

makin lama makin xtaw nk buat apa walaupun berada di rumah dgn family tercinta.. i'm extremely affected by the 'thing'.. and due to the frustration i feel 'lemau' as everything had been plan ruined just in one glance!! my dear..... help me..... i can' pretend i'm happy.. no more


---saturday morning thousand miles distance

thank you kpd dia yg always try to improve diri dia for me.. pro or amateur is not an issue.. it just how u gonna maintain this no matter what skills you use provided that it succeed till the end :)
i'm starting scared to lose you.. in the sense that,, cuz u always be my side.. i'm worry if i can't get even when u not around.. burrr look now! u or me yg feel threatened..? hehe

*maaf if not reach ur expectation sbb sy pn manusia biasa*

waa da lame gilaaaaa x uplod pic kt blog ni! ;p

it's been a long time i guess..

dah lame x rasa mcm ni... for the previous few months i'm happy2 aje... however yesterday was again i feel it.. sedih.. i'm so sad.. nasib tidak menyebelahi sy lg.. but i still wish if it can be miracle.. i'm really hoped for it.. i don't know how to express it.. it's not a big thingy should i think but i'm dying thinking on this.. ya Allah just let me know the sign and reason behind this.. so that i won't ever crying regret on something like this.. mum ckp ni dugaan.. mak,, i have no intention at all nk buat sape-sape terkilan.. kita merancang tuhan yg tentukan.. *crying*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

how u score the feeling?

i do not know how to start...
but i'm already start writing anyway.. hehe
without permission i'm legally want to copy paste these words which i think is quite mesmerizing.. wahh hiperbolenye..
however u still the author of the copyright =.= (if u happen to read this pls comment) =.=

in a game...a player doesn't determine whether he or she wins the game...the score did...same with heart...the person chasing the heart never know whether he or she has win it...or's the outcome...even it seems that is not what has appeared...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

yes u are right

u are correct at.. how can u live in jealousy.. u can't stand it.. even if we continue doing like this.. u will hurt even more.. i know u think this is ever worse decision u had made.. but like u said.. it will be harder in the future.. i do as what u requested.. i disappear as what u wished.. i can't commit this sin by hurting a person like you.. this is the second time.. i hope u success in your life.. if God bless.. we'll meet again in a beautiful moment..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and back to school..

back to school on 3rd january.. doing the same thing with lectures, tutors, assignments, tests, exam.. yadaaaa yadaaa *.* will put more hard work on these things. insyaAllah..

yesterday was my anniversary.. born day.. as most of my friends know.. my birthday is veryyy lambat which they can't wait to wish me! haha izit? ;p

no celebration becuz everyone just busy doin' their business and plus i don't care.. i don't mind.. i just appreciate all the pray and wishes they greet me.. thank you so much.. amin ya rabbal al amin :)

the most i remember is yeah! still i'm not over you.. receiving the text just made me happy.. and listening to your voice is what i call it ''harder to breathe'' i do not know where i have the strength anyway.. haha i just made it.. and daaaa my confession is.. yesss,, i just breaks my heart again and again..

so i ask this persuader.. hehe cuz always persuade me for this foolish matters.. ''completely over him when u're ready'' naaah this is question of fact how can i define ready.. izit i'm ready when i see u with burrr or until and unless u made me hate u or me myself have someone burrr.. ah let it be.. damn i need special painkiller to stop me talking bout this shit

before i end this emotional entry.. i guess.. haha laugh again! i would like to express my gratitude to best friend of mine, mira for spending some of her valuable time with me.. indeed i'm too happy.. and sorry if i'm not a good friend to you thou.. i try to be.. i will.. and just to remind myself.. i add up my friend.. i know him from mira. 1 word- miracle! never believe i can have such a good relationship with you which at first i think stranger.. haha oopss sory.. thanks to u too for everything i learned from you..

i end this.. thanks for reading this.. no input. just an irritating expression of me. hehe

footnote: 22 is still young and dangerous ;p