Sunday, June 19, 2011



1. by december or january,, insyaAllah gonna be maksu. heee december lor boleh celebrate togetha with maksu rite baby? =DD

like giler pic dorg yg ni. ni pic my akak yg 2nd time nikah. now they are future mummy and daddy. sho they excited to experience it. harap2 sumenye selamat. amin..

2. alhamdulillah. i've got my result for my final sem last thursday. it was expected i mean not in a good way. hehe my current pointer is drop like i wanna dropkick myself but i manage to maintain my cgpa. all in all,, syukur sgt2 dah complete everything, passed all the subjects. and naaahh penantian selama 4 years (include my foundation as well) is worth it. we are now degree holder,, convo in oct. c ya friends! =))

haha ni uiam student punye convocation. curik my sis punye pic. heee da brangan kn nk pegang2 bunga bagai =p

some of good friends of mine mase bufday celebration cik umie

3. kakak sulung yg sumpah i heart <3 sgt dah tuka status smalam. dia dah jd tunangan org. ooh happy for u but sad for myself. nmpknye i'm the only one yg brgelar bujang dlm rumah tu nnt. ahax~ and also thankss to my bffs zai and mira sbb sudi dtg. waaah best sgt u guys dtg and three of us reunite even just for a short time. i really appreciate it. the more the merrier. gittew =p

pretty greeny! dgn zainura, best friend mase skolah rendah.. cm dah lama xjumpe walhal rumah dekat je. we are busywoman rite? =p

a very momentous picha..


soleil_m said...

cantiknya pelaminnnnn! <3

turn hawa bila plak ni? cpt2. nk gak merasa dpt anak sdara from bls ni ;P

soleil_m said...

and congratulations hawa! hawa bdk pandai + rajin kot, no wonder there. hehe! see u in sept, insyaAllah

myaamirah said...

hey. congrates with your bundle of surprise c:

HaWa DArLidA said...

@suria hhaha cntik kan.. i m so excited for my turn! heheh xdelaaa.. study dlu mek. LLB scary me. wuuu.. yes2 c uolss~ insyaAllah =))

@mira thanks dear.. u be strong okay..

♥ p a A n i ♥ said...

eh ade myaaaa! kan?

myaamirah said...

paani! ye saya c: saya pun terkejut ade paani c:

HaWa DArLidA said...

haha byknye overlap kwn dgn mira =D