Monday, February 21, 2011

wrong man for the job

doesnt mean u are not the rite person u are jobless now.. it just.. yeah similar facts to me. so i put it here..

I Thought that you were the best part of me,
Baby I guess that we just believe what,
We wanna believe
I Thought I knew you so well , I couldn't tell
That this was sinking so deep,
I see it now,
I'm breathing now,
Its time for me...
For me..
To let it go

It was cool when it started but now the flame has gone
You´re The Wrong man for The Job,
My heart is breaking in pieces, but still I'm moving on,
You´re the wrong man for the job,
I cant believe it took me so long to realize,
Finally know what it feels like
I'm starting over but,I wont be afraid
I'm sorry to say,
You´re the Wrong man for the job

Sometimes I wish I could take back everything,
It be easier to never have known you,
I would spare myself so much pain,
Still I can't stop thinking ´bout,
What I'mma do without,
You on the lonely nights,
But now I know,what I gotta do,
I cant ever change you,
Letting it go tonight..

Im Looking for somebody to love me, the way I should be loved,
I need someone to do more for me, than you have ever done,
I love you but you're not the one...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'm wonder..

sometimes it's not good to be so secretive.. but since i do respect the 'cohesion'..
it's kinda embarrassing to tell the truth.. revealing what not..
i don't really have general rule.. where the general rule is subject to exceptions
it just sometimes too many exceptions then the exception become your general rule.. that's the beauty of law. hahaha phm x??
ouh oke! sy blur sudah~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

boring.. seriously i tell u

1 week cuti,, dunno what to do..

smalam we've been shopping.. just me, mum and abah,. ok it sounds like cm sy ni anak emas pulak kn.. haha hell no.. tu sbb akak2 sy keje.. so we can't shop all five together..

mood shopping spoil even duet ade.. huhu.. so smalam kami cm teman abah je yg shopping.. sy cuma lihat2 dan tolong choose2 aje..

is this a sign sy akan melalui depression soon.. haiyaa.. nauzubillah.. ya Allah let me be strong

but grateful sy ade teeettt... yg sy rase boleh heals jugak perasaan xbes ni..

sy ckp sy xsuke perfectionist.. tp sy nk org perfect di mata sy.. so silap pd sy la kn..

eyh ape merepek ni.. dah laa dah la...