Saturday, December 25, 2010


it starts with eventhough..

even it looks like u care,, but the thing is u don't care.. u don't mind..

even it looks like u forgiven,, but the thing is u not forgiven..

even it looks like u kind,, but the thing is u hot tempered..

even it looks like u strong,, but the thing is u sensitive..

even it looks like u happy,, but the thing is u sAD.. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bleeding Soul

my bruised heart..
everyday the memory keep wander in my mind..
i'm wish i end everything
but u still hold my grasp tightly..
i'm just lost in a way
i pray to the God.. i wanna see you more.. even now i cant
it's okay if i'm hurt for a day and a year like this
and it's even fine if my heart's hurt
because i'm happy enough if i could be with you..

a morning entry.. in the sense that it getting bleeds day by day.. and never heal..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

over u

when ...

when will i get over you.............

nuisance so so ooo

i miss the time i'm crying while studying...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

unexplainable=thanks to Allah :)

alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah..

aku brsyukur dgn kejayaan yg kau berikan kpd ku dan kwn2 ku..

hehe tgk smue org update blog.. well mine too! :)

and so.. i improve a lot my last sem punye result.. quite unexpected..

menebus result my previous sem yg kinda disaster tuu..

for the second time,, i just can't stop smile..

and my energy boost after know the result.. haha funny rite??

3A, 3B+.. ok la kan.. sem dpn nk smue A! huhu~

ape pun i would like to congratzz all my friends for their good results..

next sem usehe lebey lg k! :))