Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...what's left behind...

sorryyy =(

i'm away...

for the time being, i just wanna rest...

and focus on what i'm supposed to do...

bon voyage people :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

so sick~


Saturday, March 14, 2009

sadness and crying~

last nite i got this phone call from someone. i refused to answer that-on my first thought that it has nothing to discuss, negotiate further or watever... only on the third time i answered., it was at about 1++ am. i'm nearly go to wonderland as already landing on my bed. listening to his voice enough to make me crying. seriously i dunno what really happen to me. i'm not understand myself at this stage. sometime i hate him on what happen between us. can't stop thinking why i'm so stupid.. i should not answer his call and let him know what i feel. i'm speak less. i can even count how many words had i uttered to him. it's very2 little cuz i hv nothing to say. regret, but it's too late. currently, my emotion is bit messy. i have to concentrate. biarlah.. i'm not dying anyway, dats for sure.. last word, pls go awayyyy from me. {i'm begging =( }

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

ouch soorryy!! i jz xerox diz book. illegal not? =p anyway, i like the pinky cover. hee~

i was reading this book for the purpose of my test next tuesday(will upload later that book) . kinda misery when we have to read all. one book and it's quite thick. not really la.. it just burdening us cuz add up with consti test rite afta that test. both law papers need a 'hardcore and metal' memorizing ability. (haha i was remembered to my hardcore guy jz now)---lazyyyy xtaw nk type ape then =p transferred my strez to here. izit possible i'm manage to reduce my strez when the time is really critical now?? huuuu kurgkn tdowww is damn necessaryyyy =(

*anyway, ape kes dgn title aku tu? haha*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

let bygones be bygones

i got this message from someone.. yeah bit funny but i can read what he's implying to me... i just feel so bad. what should i do? the thing is, what past is past. don't look behind. practically, we learned from experience. i know, no need for me to blame myself. haaaa i'm not released everything yet.. =(

hepY besHdAy yAni!!

kek yg agak 'sayang' untuk dimakan. hua2

pic lame kitorang time kt kedah dlu.. heee wajah polos je. haha =p

ni kt s.alam.. different not? =)

epy beshday to kak yani!! haha kak?? becuz she always call me 'adik' haha i wonder whyy.. but nvm, i admit i'm still young =p i wish you all the best through this challenging journey. so called killing and unexpecting journey. i really2 hope together we achieve what we want in the future. all of us. and anyway, kalo da jumpe soulmate tu jgn diam2 je. haha pe ku mrepek neh?!

Monday, March 9, 2009

jerawat means tension

muke ku naik jerawat sudaaa.. aiyak ni sume strez over limit. terlalu byk berfikir. huh am i??

but fortunately weekend ni dpt spend mase kt umah...

at least manage to reduce these things...

ade citer klakar utk dikongsi bsame..

kucin ku ade tabiat baru... guess what??

dia tdo dlm toilet. hahaa crazee cat

i used to call him evil cat cuz he loves to kacau me..

sumtyme feels x tenang nmpk dia..

sounds nonsense but dats real

watever! i keep laughing when seein he lie on toilet floor juz like innocent thing. like 'woww diz is my perfect place to sleep' ROFL

i'm gelak rolling2~

imagine this...

when u had put in this situation..

to choose between the two options...

in other way round, u are in dilemma.

what should you do?

to take a reasonable care? is it enough?

or else just follow your heart.

so called intuition.

but the question is, adakah kata hati itu selalunya betul?

if it's wrong, what gonna happen?

countless questions in my mind.

What? Who? Why?


Friday, March 6, 2009

beyond reasonable doubt++

kpd yg pndai bace jawi, sile translate.. ahahaha

mimi n me. wee 'comel' kn kami. hahak

ini bukan court. ini tasik.. posing je lebey. ngaa

cik suria gojez n syairah brilliant =)

nk balik sudaaaa.. bye2!!

last thursday g court.. nk tgk court bersidang. tgk kes criminal, murder. tp aku kebuhsanan. haha nantok siap mnguap lg.. xde ciri2 lawyer lgsung. huhuh.. beyond all reasonable doubt, i'm scared to become a lawyer. aiyaaa again told ya my weakness =p

Thursday, March 5, 2009

gaining knowledge~

previously on sunday, attend this conference. 40 of us invited for this purpose.

Codification of Convention in the Australian System by Prof the Hon Michael Lavarch. Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology.

VENUE: meeting room, law fac

*thnx anis for d pixcha =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...maafkanlah aku...

please accept my humble apology for everything that i do. it might been hurt. supposedly i'm avoiding you from the very beginning. i can't pay you with my tears. does not worth anymore. u got something in yourself that makes people love you. it is a quality inside where people can't see. appreciate on what you have now. the future is unpredictable. we can't guess what happen next. or what we wished, doesnt mean we can get it. by hook or by crook, attempt is an evaluator to judge yourself. the soul-blood-passion

Monday, March 2, 2009

annoying! ! !

BENCI GLER.. ade je spesis 'benak' atas muke bumi ni.. huhuh... heyy u think u smart enough?? damn2 smart? trase sprti mahu memuntahkan sgale ketidak puasan hati ini.. who's d next victim? juz wait n see... looky2 what happen next...

SEC18(a) of CA 1950, Misrepresentation means:
  • positive assertion, in a manner not warranted by the information of the person making it, of that which is not true, though he believes it to be true
it seems clearly explained what is misrep. NOT an assurance. take note this. and u still argue for that?? how pity..

only if i can SLAP you, i will do. hahaha

Sunday, March 1, 2009

credits to malaysian

malaysia boleyh..
frenster-kite number 3
blog, kite numba 2
yahoo search engine tu, kite numba 1.
pergh... gilosss dasat gak ek

unbelievable? not really la.. cuz i believed malaysian mmg suke surfing. well, we are developing country. towards 2020. i wonder the vision can be achieve not. as far as i concern la, bdk2 pn da pndai chatting. huhu..(pnah ym dgn dak umo 8thn) hua3 xbuley blah. yg search engine tu pulak, aku da jrg gune yahoo. aku gune google. ngaaa ilmiah ckit ler.. crik yg academic pnye much better in google ayte.. blog? haha no komen.. cm aku ni category blog yg bosann la.. xde info pape pn. but certain bloggers menjadikan blog ni medium nk lower person reputation. case defamation la ni.. i wont do that cuz i doesnt gv me benefits anyway. crik masalah lg ade.. simple2 suda... i know it is bit unconstitutional as law protect our freedom of speech. but this right is subject to certain circumstances lor.. sbelum berkata2 ketahuilah undang2. know the area of law. silap2 masuk jail korg. huhu. and lastly sal frenster kite numba 3. haha ape kess neh? facebook sudey.. haaha =)

best moment. hohoho

warghh sejuk ckit mata memandang bunga2. haaha xde relate lgsung neh. one of d best moment, when u had a really2 hectic and bz day, for instance- as for me. claz from 830am till 6pm. nobody like this. the best thing is dat, dpt tdowwww afta several dizziness. i hate my daily life ni. lack of sleep. lotsa enegy absorbed ke luar. not absorbed ke dalam. huhuh 4hours per day. i still got 3years more to finish all this. bit annoyed, sumtime when deal with conlifts inner and outside. bkn sng nk sng. yeahh still afta stdy need to gv a commitment. komitmen yg mcm mane tu? aha phm2 la. lu pk ar sndiri.. (tbe2 tringat kt abg nabil *wink*)

I’m helpless

this is the first post-of-the-month. currently listening to this song yeay..~

Boringgg… thinking about myself.. childish… fren of mine said ‘awe mengom’ haha da biase.. agak sadis, tp tu la hakikat.. mcm mane nk throw away diz childish thingy?? Maybe org yg x knal ckp I’m a matured gurl.. haha nooo.. I hate d high expectation from people. Where ‘I expect diz from u, then n then..’ this strezz drives me crazeee.. Pressure and tired.. But I still young, know I can survive. Whatever in d future is decided by me. Therefore, kene usaha dr skarang la kan.. jgn give up, jgn suke mengeluh, jgn jd lemah, jgn mengharap sgt, so manyyy jgn… huhuuu

I got diz problem lately. Compartmentalize personal problem and my study thing is not an easy matter. Hard to hide my feelings as I keep deny it, it’s real harmful. Have u feel this? Memendam tetapi tidak meluahkan?? Rase sakitlah.. and maybe sbb itu gak I suffered headache now. Unusual headache. Sometime extreme… what did I have done to my head huh?? Smpai sakit cm nk mletop. Byk berfikir or information overloaded? Hoho wonder whether it makes sense not. But, only me myself yg taw what is my real problem. Involve in this problem. No way out… could someone take me away from here? I really2 hope so~

**I do miss someone. Can u feel me? =(