Friday, May 21, 2010

old disease-comeback

what is my old disease?? let u guess.................hhehe
well,, it will definitely not love,sports,etc

penyakit lame sy ialah addict to korean drama. seriously i adopt the same attitude now. hahah everyday watch korean drama for lenghty hours..

skarang ni tgh follow 4 kdramas. 1] brilliant legacy aired in 8tv. (i found in google aka shining inheritance). 2] becoming billionaire. 3] cinderella's stepsister. 4] the lucifer. the rest aired on kbsw.

not enough just waiting in tv.. skrang i da up siket taw siap tgk in advance episode kt mysoju (haha since ade streamyx ni =p)

tibe2 mcm in love balik to those korean stars,, haha which i'll not do these craps during my semester. sem break ok la kn tgh free. hehe

becoming norturnal again!! stay up tgk mende2 ni.. dah la mlm2 i conquer tv tu stick to kbsw channel je. org dlm umah tu pn dah berapi asik bukak cite korea je. kui3

i have to finish all these four rather fast than tv lah..

ok c ya then.. think my streaming drama done!! hihi ^,^

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yes Way,, I do..

i'm really intend to write sumtin tonite but..

the thing is damn heavy to be put in words

hard to allow people to feel what i feel

uneasy feelings. yess it can be said so..

cannot be this way,, when he's in other way round.. erm

readers pls no misinterpretation here ok.. je faham dan mmg trsgt faham =)

just wanna let u to know,, smile doesnt mean u happy

cry doesnt mean u sad

life is all about hipocrisy

where we always to be put in 'pretend-fake' situation

don't wanna be beautiful liar..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

definitely suffer

sakit sakit sakit =(

word that come out from my mouth these few days,, ye mmg menyakitkan..
mule2 demam pastu sakit tekak thp dewaaa.. esok nk g clinic..
aduh knapelah sy amat degil when it comes to meet doc?
don't u know doc tu one of the 'most kind' people in this Earth
meet em,, no harm hopefully,, haha
bile dah sakit ni rase insaf..
people say,, sakit tu mghapuskan dosa. i agree.. cuz it makes sense
if everytime sihat,, just in a very good state of health,, when we gonna realize?
when we gonna feel grateful? when we ever to be thankful to God?
the thing is...


Sunday, May 16, 2010


why is it inconsistency in updating my blog??

few days ago,, rase brsmangat gile an cm berkobar2 nk update blog everyday. i repeat, EVERYDAY

Haha!! esk je aku da stat mls dan kehilangan idea utk menulis..

btw,, mybe aku ni blh dikategorikan sbg org yg x konsisten kot.. haha in other words. keep changing. hearts and mind really hard to stick to only one thing rite?

question question!! how to cultivate consistency in ur life? =)

org ckp,, mcm mane nk istiqamah lakukan sesuatu ek?

think it totally depends on the self determination of the person itself

same thing apply when u study,, u hv to consistent. by then u complete the study..

semangat tu penting!! okeh SEMANGAT bebeh!! excited pelik

(dah type few hours ago,, tp terlupe nk publish. i blame fb n ym. haha)

Thursday, May 13, 2010





holla readers! it's been a long time i didnt write anyyy here.. either shit or not. didn't post it. haha well tonite or perhaps this morning la,, inspired by cat haters so called 'hasbol slacker' (and yeah i keep it smallest. haha). april is no-no post at all. ahh forget it. april 2010 cant be back rite. so to redeem everything, supposed i post extravaganzeee post,, a long mumbling story.. haha we'll see bebeh!

hurm what 1st to mncarot here?!

  • currently i'm on my sem break.. relax till 24th and let see how i'm survive doing my attachment in court for 1 month (sure i'll suffer. hehe)
  • my past exams not really good since so many things happen in between that duration. (things happen are things that i kept my mouth shut)
  • all in all, i'm just tawakkal and hope the result not so frustrated
  • and stop talking bout exams,, whatta next point uh.. the points not organized nicely lol,, messed up. haha
  • oh ya!! been sakit ati with someone too lately,, stop interfere. that's all
  • suddenly been a fan of jojo while listening to her song 'keep forgetting to forget about u' n 'wrong man for the job'. she's damn great anyway (that's my personal opinion)
  • lazy-ing and keep eating in this heaven (home sweet home) just made me feel like an obese girl gaining weight without any attempt to do something that benefits me.. yuwww but not really obses to get slim. haha
  • look out and selongkar my lappy. argh i'm out of new songs. so apelagi? download lah illegally! ahhaha~
  • my intention to watch all the muvies had been downloaded but no mood la.. haaha latest 1 kubungman. cm kelakar je kn. will watch later. mybee..
  • is just realized her writing is so bad that she herself can't stand to read her 'karya' la. hehe
  • i'm get what i want,, i had been prayed most of the times. alhamdulillah (only me know what it is)
  • and more.. still waiting on the changes.. really hope it. wanna taste the improvements.. haha taste tuuu!
  • 'unknown person' come to my life.. still did not get what message behind it. in future might get it.
  • my loyalty always been tested.. time to time.. haha it's hard to be loyal but i still hold it till now =)
  • haa tersedar jugak yg i very like gossiipppss.. i can't stand to let myself know nothing. hey let me first to know ok! uwakakakk
  • erm what more ye.. aha jd driver my mum jugak if she wanna go anywhere.. =)
  • cant resist nafsu bershopping tgk bonia handbag,, padini kemeja,, kasut gmx. blablabla (keep counting money in my account) huhuh shoppaholic~
  • hah!! almost 3am,, mls dah aku nk menulis.. hihi sambung esk la..
daaaa baby~~