Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horrible Monday

First of all,, this is a delayed post which I intended to post it yesterday.

Yesterday was like daymn,, I am terribly perform the week. I mean Monday was symbolizing the whole week. Not really an accurate way to measure but who cares. I do care my Monday went all wrong. It started when I woke up late at 8.15am. can u imagine that?? I have to be in office by 9 am supposedly. I was really in hurry! shower, suit up myself and messy stuff lol. Seriously I’m look mcm “tak siap’’ ah I don’t mind how I look becuz I need to shoot to my workplace. 8.50am drove the car and shit yes the car was not in the porch becuz the engagement ceremony, I parked outside and it was beyond 2 houses. So baby, run! Go get my car and drove like f1.

In the middle or hurry-ness, messy-ness and worry-ness.. that is another person which hey green light kot r u blind?? Dah la nk cepat kan boleh pulak org tu static aje kt lampu hijau I was like piin!! Quick2 move I need to go to work, and maybe u just wanna go to pasar so layback at traffic lite lol. And there you go another traffic light challenge of the day.. this one is kind of helpful, it doesn’t functioning and all the late-selfish-workers (ooops =p) just go with the flow. Like sape cpt dia pegy dulu laa.. ehe.. woo selayang mmg byk lampu isyarat eyh..

And obviously the time was past 9 am. I mcm redha je lah.. park, pay for the parking and hilarious thing. Super kalut salah key in number krete-1969 (maybe my future bmw number) Haha marah kat diri sndiri sbb the ticket was ready and what can I do. Rase mcm nk kick je the parking ticket machine which was a very innocent one. I’m blaming myself.. kalau lah saya x lewat bangun.. haaa =( and guess what? 9.10am I punch card uolss. Kalau gov servant dah bloody in colour ni. Haiyaa I need to change..

i'm a legendary part-time staff ROFL

and sometimes pretend awesome. LMAO

Sunday, June 19, 2011



1. by december or january,, insyaAllah gonna be maksu. heee december lor boleh celebrate togetha with maksu rite baby? =DD

like giler pic dorg yg ni. ni pic my akak yg 2nd time nikah. now they are future mummy and daddy. sho they excited to experience it. harap2 sumenye selamat. amin..

2. alhamdulillah. i've got my result for my final sem last thursday. it was expected i mean not in a good way. hehe my current pointer is drop like i wanna dropkick myself but i manage to maintain my cgpa. all in all,, syukur sgt2 dah complete everything, passed all the subjects. and naaahh penantian selama 4 years (include my foundation as well) is worth it. we are now degree holder,, convo in oct. c ya friends! =))

haha ni uiam student punye convocation. curik my sis punye pic. heee da brangan kn nk pegang2 bunga bagai =p

some of good friends of mine mase bufday celebration cik umie

3. kakak sulung yg sumpah i heart <3 sgt dah tuka status smalam. dia dah jd tunangan org. ooh happy for u but sad for myself. nmpknye i'm the only one yg brgelar bujang dlm rumah tu nnt. ahax~ and also thankss to my bffs zai and mira sbb sudi dtg. waaah best sgt u guys dtg and three of us reunite even just for a short time. i really appreciate it. the more the merrier. gittew =p

pretty greeny! dgn zainura, best friend mase skolah rendah.. cm dah lama xjumpe walhal rumah dekat je. we are busywoman rite? =p

a very momentous picha..

Monday, June 13, 2011

my mood

mood: angry cat!

meoww is so ANGRY!! grrr..

okie lah nak tido esok keje. buhbye~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

random bebel of the week

amazing sy tgk bola td. apetah gol sndiri. haha whatever, not my problem. tp yg problem wujud group2 gelediks kt fb.. to the extend they accuse it as conspiracy. hey wutcha think of ha? miracle did happen and just accept it laa..

so nk update sket la since sy da keje for 1 week. eyh 1 week baru? why haaa rase cm da lame je.. haha

mmg dlm proses nk adapt.. hopefully everything goes fine la..

ouwh anyway terjumpe artikel ni dlm m'sian bar punye website..

i think it's relevant to my workplace situation now. there are several complaints from the boss that their employees keep facebooking in working time. which means they are extremely unhappy with this..

ouh why laaa mark zuckerberg not end this fb thingyy =p

Friday, June 10, 2011

seoul garden with soul

ouh last night kami (me and cik mya) makan besaaa.. yg sgtlaaah sedapp smpai xlarat nk mamam! hoho ^.^ balek keje trus g OUUUU~ well sgtt mls nk menaip.. let's the pichas story then =]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


kadang-kadang ade satu tahap yg kita rase nk runaway..

can i just leave this earth and stay in another planet??

Friday, June 3, 2011

where r u moron :')

braces-girl with her moron cute cat :((

my kitten da hilang.. mybe dia mrajuk smlm sbb i called her moron.. sometime she irritates me with her hyper-active behavior and makes me like- grrryyy geramnyer..! now she lost and gone. i wish her back and kinda to sing the song-talking to the moon ;(

and to add more,, at this point of time, i guess someone is mad at me. didn't reply my msg.. ouh i dunno what to do. will u forgive me if i ever hurt ur feelings dearie? i'm bad to console people...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


ade golongan yg suke sgt merendah kan org lain..

yg prejudis tanpa mengambil kira aspek lain

yg fikir mereka good enuff

walhal... hey! sedar diri ckit boley x??