Friday, February 29, 2008

: : :thE SiGns.. R u?: : :

When The pRobLem BecomeS worSe~

i'm the one who likes to carik psl
i'm the one who always start the fight
i'm the one who almost cried
i'm the one who always make the problem terrible
i'm the one who likely to be inconsolable
i'm the one who is really pampered
i'm the one who can't appreciate him
i'm the one who always sensitive
i'm the one who are so so jealousy

Thursday, February 28, 2008

JeaLouSy :( haTi DaN pERaSaaNkU muLa TeRuJI..

HawaDarlida, jgn cemburu2 dah! coz it's harmful for ya relationship n yourself as well.. atoi! ksiannye dia.. i said diz is cannot, diz is can.. huu everything kot.. i can't stop myself to think about him.. what he do, etc.. whoa ni la org kate cabaran bile org yg kite syg xde dpn mate.. my loyalty truji.. n he too.. i like to test him.. a lot.. pity him.. sumtime i feel so bad.. feeling like he's not happy with me.. well 'garang' sgt.. hehe.. n one more thing.. both of us busy.. life as a student..the less time spend together, the more i feel guilty towards him.. ooh god help me..

Monday, February 25, 2008

HeadAche! GrRr!!

lately, i feel so pening.. the dizziness comes n gone.. maybe bcoz too tired.. no time to rest.. if ade pn, mcm xde quality.. coz so short.. nk mnikmati hari2 yg indah tu xmgkinla.. esp ari yg ade klaz.. eh eh ni sempat plak wirelez? hehe =p

Saturday, February 23, 2008


even i've finished one of my assignment, still tension.. really bengang with sumone.. aaahh nk je smackdown dia.. if ade dpn mate la.. haha


360 1st draft da siap.. huuuuu sigh.. very the tired.. kpale rase heavy gle.. i shud da proceed with 342.. maybe tonite.. if i'm able to lah.. hadei pnt geylowz..!

Friday, February 22, 2008

GiMmE MoOoRe!!

aaaahhhhhhhhhh weekend? so hectic.. byk la keje.. until i dono which one supposed i do 1st.. the assgnment to b submit on sunday, the econ quiz.. seems da lame i not learn on calculating.. just like hysteria seeing numbers.. haha actually mtc099 not soo difficult.. the math is quite easy.. just apply d formula then 4 sure u can scored.. but my coz.. L.A.W need reading a lot.. if u lack of knowledge, it's really hard to survive.. but me? that categorized kot.. haha.. disebabkn trlalu asek mmbace n mghapal, my left brain tu da kureng ckit.. nk mngire pn mcm xckap.. oh noo help me.. the quiz is important.. n others too..

byknye pic tucen kt blog ni.. ade org komplen kate blog aku mcm zoo.. adeh la.. really? hak2

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


tomeynyee.. so manje.. like me.. haaha.. i.m not manje la.. kinda independent.. but sumtime may be so dependent.. depends on situation.. coz i'm the youngest in my family, so people assume i manje.. huhu actually i've sent to the boarding school since fom1.. mcm xcaye je aku dpt survive.. guess what? when i was thirteen, nothing i can do.. even iron the cloth.. but bcuz of my attempt n self determination (ala2 topic global lak), i can live there.. those sweet memories i'll keep it forever.. really miss my old frenz.. most of them fly to oversea.. me? huh stuck in malaysia la.. my lovely country ni.. hehe.. so ,my concluding sentence is.. don't think i'm mnje coz i look manje.. haha..


walaweyh again! my bel subject makes me pressure.. y la the language subject become a big problem diz sem? supposedly, i learn law more rather than english.. huhu ape buley buwat da.. just now my lecturer inform us bout d 'new' format for our essay 2.. it's really burden me coz everything's change.. n diz gonna b tough.. actually, in order to avoid the plagiarism among students (including me, no hesitate), the language department legislate a new rule.. aahhh sumtime i think it's really mean.. but if think twice, datz the benefit of it.. whatever! hope with full of courage, i 'll do the 2nd essay n double my effort.. huhuuuuu

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Incompatible, it don't matter though
'cos someone's bound to hear my cry
Speak out if you do
you're not easy to find

Is it possible Mr. Loveable
is already in my life?
right in front of me
or maybe you're in disguise

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love you without being told
somebody tell me why I'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone

Here we are again, circles never end
how do I find the perfect fit
there's enough for everyone
but I'm still waiting in line

waaaaaaaaa soo cute maa... suke geyla kt tucen.. cube korg observe dia btol2.. sjuk mate memandang.. sumtime me n cat is synonym.. coz the great link btween us.. huh link? what does it mean? nothing llor.. i'm juz a cat lover.. since kid i really like to 'play' with cat.. anyway the word play is hard to define.. keh3

Saturday, February 16, 2008

LeT tHe MuSiC hEaL yOur SoUL

do u believe, listening to music can make u calm..?
i do believe it coz everyday i used to listen to the music
i'm an universal listener..
n perhaps a good singer? haha..
jiwang song? of coz lor listed..
sumtime the lyric soo touching..
let me feel in other world..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LOVE is on the air~

phew~ valentine? no need to celebrate lor.. coz everyday is hari memperingati kekasih rite? hehe if mcm tu, during the 14th of february je la we remember our lover? it's not necessary coz no specific day 4 u all to express ur feelings n etc.. that particular date means nothing to me coz as usual, we got fighting, again, again n again... n also as a muslim, xbaik kn kite sambut mende2 ni.. just check out d history n 4 those yg taw tu, jgn la wat2 tataw.. huu datz all for my special edition post.. hek3 c ya then.. daa~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

cOMiNG n kILLinG!

i'm coming!!huh sounds xcited rite? but not!
aarrgh so many things to cover
i'm running out of time..
y i'm so clumsy when hv test, assgnment to submit? instead of kalut2, better i rilex je kn? haha not easy to do that..
my mid sem break, not la great.. tv pn xder cte besh.. damn bored..
sum1 get engage.. hurm bez ke brtunang tu?
haha tbe2 i think beyond my area
out of d box.. org kate brtunang tu byk rintangan?
hehe cmne ek?
even in a relationship always get fighting, hurting, been hurt.. negotiation is d best way kn..
berbncang ape yg patot.. but if 2 2 pn garang..
xke mletop msg2.. hehe..
oopz crite cinte x patot di jaja..
kinda annoying to the readers.. haha
whoa my eyes da heavy2 like peti ais (is that relate?)
sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep loh