Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i can make it through the rain..

stand up on my own..
i know i'm strong enough to mend..

tough semester.. just 8 weeks left. plus minus the exam part.
no matter how many challenges i will face,, i will make it through the rain.

you will when you believe :)

positive thinking never fails me to feel better. i had experience of having a friend who used to punish me whenever i speak negative words. very thoughtful friend of mine..

meet my firm mates! i adore every one of u. none is bad :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


dengan nama Allah yg maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang..

actually dah lama x update blog.. last update pasal dpt anak buah je kan..

igt dah mmg tak nak update tunggu sampai dapat anak sendiri.. tp mcm lambat lagi la pulak. haha joking..

sedar tak sedar cuti sem dah nk habis pn.. i mean my last day this saturday. no more playing.. wake up late.. doing nothing.. laughing like child, etc etc..

next semester.. last chance.. before i leave this law school.. i'm a bit devastated with my last sem result. but it doesnt mean im give up..

i need to work hard.. maybe agak terkilan becuz it's not me not put the effort for last sem. maybe it is jz adequate but not sufficient.

currently i'm a bit stress with things-to-do-in-future. okay maybe i'm a bit slow to think all bout this when the girls and fellas, they already had something in their mind. me? please.. let me finish my study..

i need 600% focus, 500% support. haha izit imbalance figure there? or hiperbole? =p i really need it.. and i wanna try to be as understandable person as i can..

blablabla study things make me feel nervous.. oh my niece growing up so well. for 2 months baby, she quite big. and so so responsive. in a positive way. i love to kiss her and the smell is just like in a baby world. trust me i bet. hehe^^

hahaha habes laaa sorfina bakal diserang fenomena pinky maksunya! ;D

ooh lupaaaaa i da cabut braces.. babai gigi besi.. suffer pakai retainer pulak. dan inilah hasilnye. eceh muntah org tgk kang. haha

Monday, January 30, 2012


oh well this is soooo long i didnt update anythng here. i dont even tell you how was my llb part 1. busy like hell but yeah alhamdulillah.. with the shed of blood and tears, we manage to go thru it. anotha 1 sem to go. ah i feel so scared of my result :( stop it! dont want to think about it.

ouh yes i'm purposely wanna write about how my family members plus 1! heee my sister safely deliver her baby on the 6th of january 2012. in the middle of final exam, i got this news. it was friday, and i hv my 1st paper on that day. subject bahasa melayu undang-undang. oh lame =p nasib bkn evidence, ke cpc paper ke.. huu.. they named her Aiesha Sorfina. she is so clean and cute and white and everything. maksu admire sorfina. sgt2 trharu becuz i dont hv any adik, at last i hv niece.. but, my attitude doesnt reflects that i'm already an auntie. haha friend of mine can prove this xD

lemme upload some pictures. she is really cute. i bet u'll agree with me :)

3.18 kg. 06/01/2012

yg nii sumpah comel. auww maksu melting dah =p

gaya typical sorfina tido. tgn ke atas. he he

my sis n bro in law. happy :DD

Weollss masa aqekah sorfina at sepang. rumah tok nenek belah sana

sorfina sgt temtembams!!

my mum aka nenek bersama cucu kesayangan semesta alam. hihi

dengan ini,, maksu ingin mendendangkan sebuah lagu utk baby sorfina..

matamu.. bibirmu.. pipimu dan juga senyummuuuuuu... ahax~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

it belongs to someone out there

I want someone to share my secrets with

someone to talk to late at night when I can't sleep

someone who feels comfortable around my family

someone to comfort me when I'm scared

to hold me when I'm sad

someone who doesn't need to say that he loves me for me to know it's true..

are you that someone? =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. alhamdulillah.. blog ni masih bernyawa.. hehe even after abandoned by me for more than a month :D

well the title doesn’t reflects me.. errhh staying 4 months at home just made me so ‘slim’. I’m scared to death.. becuz not only worry about my physical appearance but the most important thing is my health. Like my mom said.. ‘the more fat you are, the more diseases you have’ true mom.. For real,, I don’t feel right with my eating pattern =(

ouh now we are in Ramadhan. Happy fasting everyone.. whatever it is,, I feel so thankful becuz this year setelah sekian lama.. sy boleh berpuasa selama 30 hari with my family. It’s great to gather since I don’t really have this kind of chance to be at home every Ramadhan before.. I remembered how difficult to search and struggle for foods when u already tired for classes and what not.. but berbuka puasa ramai2 with my friends was fun. Seriously,, I miss the time with all of ya.. but to be here with family is a golden opportunity,, I am so grateful.. And you too rite? =)

btw,, this sept we gonna further our study as planned. Alhamdulillah.. hopefully everything done accordingly.. tapi i cm tak ready pulak nk study balik.. mybe it’s becuz I’m too busy with my working thing.. ahh I’m too old for that stuff.. (ted mosby). Lotsa things not settle yet.. actually not at all done. Haha why I’m so layback ni.. ooh help me God..

oke just get back to what I have now. It’s a bliss to be here with my family,, and you.. everyone who always support me all this while, my dear bff mya and my fat meow. my life would sux without u.. Hehe ^^

i heart my family..
sgt happy.. feel like wanna cryin'.. thanks ya Allah :')

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horrible Monday

First of all,, this is a delayed post which I intended to post it yesterday.

Yesterday was like daymn,, I am terribly perform the week. I mean Monday was symbolizing the whole week. Not really an accurate way to measure but who cares. I do care my Monday went all wrong. It started when I woke up late at 8.15am. can u imagine that?? I have to be in office by 9 am supposedly. I was really in hurry! shower, suit up myself and messy stuff lol. Seriously I’m look mcm “tak siap’’ ah I don’t mind how I look becuz I need to shoot to my workplace. 8.50am drove the car and shit yes the car was not in the porch becuz the engagement ceremony, I parked outside and it was beyond 2 houses. So baby, run! Go get my car and drove like f1.

In the middle or hurry-ness, messy-ness and worry-ness.. that is another person which hey green light kot r u blind?? Dah la nk cepat kan boleh pulak org tu static aje kt lampu hijau I was like piin!! Quick2 move I need to go to work, and maybe u just wanna go to pasar so layback at traffic lite lol. And there you go another traffic light challenge of the day.. this one is kind of helpful, it doesn’t functioning and all the late-selfish-workers (ooops =p) just go with the flow. Like sape cpt dia pegy dulu laa.. ehe.. woo selayang mmg byk lampu isyarat eyh..

And obviously the time was past 9 am. I mcm redha je lah.. park, pay for the parking and hilarious thing. Super kalut salah key in number krete-1969 (maybe my future bmw number) Haha marah kat diri sndiri sbb the ticket was ready and what can I do. Rase mcm nk kick je the parking ticket machine which was a very innocent one. I’m blaming myself.. kalau lah saya x lewat bangun.. haaa =( and guess what? 9.10am I punch card uolss. Kalau gov servant dah bloody in colour ni. Haiyaa I need to change..

i'm a legendary part-time staff ROFL

and sometimes pretend awesome. LMAO

Sunday, June 19, 2011



1. by december or january,, insyaAllah gonna be maksu. heee december lor boleh celebrate togetha with maksu rite baby? =DD

like giler pic dorg yg ni. ni pic my akak yg 2nd time nikah. now they are future mummy and daddy. sho they excited to experience it. harap2 sumenye selamat. amin..

2. alhamdulillah. i've got my result for my final sem last thursday. it was expected i mean not in a good way. hehe my current pointer is drop like i wanna dropkick myself but i manage to maintain my cgpa. all in all,, syukur sgt2 dah complete everything, passed all the subjects. and naaahh penantian selama 4 years (include my foundation as well) is worth it. we are now degree holder,, convo in oct. c ya friends! =))

haha ni uiam student punye convocation. curik my sis punye pic. heee da brangan kn nk pegang2 bunga bagai =p

some of good friends of mine mase bufday celebration cik umie

3. kakak sulung yg sumpah i heart <3 sgt dah tuka status smalam. dia dah jd tunangan org. ooh happy for u but sad for myself. nmpknye i'm the only one yg brgelar bujang dlm rumah tu nnt. ahax~ and also thankss to my bffs zai and mira sbb sudi dtg. waaah best sgt u guys dtg and three of us reunite even just for a short time. i really appreciate it. the more the merrier. gittew =p

pretty greeny! dgn zainura, best friend mase skolah rendah.. cm dah lama xjumpe walhal rumah dekat je. we are busywoman rite? =p

a very momentous picha..