Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome 2009 and bye-bye 2008!!

2008 is a year of tears.. hah?? Haha no la.. mybe cuz a failure to love and be love, wasting lotsa tears not gud ayte? Ooh sedar xsedar ini adalah my 100th post. Yeeha!! Xsgke leh jdik blogger yg consistent. Even sumtyme I got no time to update this, but still I’ve an effort to write sumtin here. Mybe some posts are rubbish. Heh? And also genap setahun la my blog ni.. started January 08 and now reaching January 09. Incredible me uh? Many sweet memoirs happen to me in this year. I can’t remember all. Let me flashback. In January to April 08 I was in sg petani, kedah. Kedah is a damn hot state (I mean the temperature not the people =p). My skin becomes tanned. But nvm, I started missed kedah now. Hehehe… people always like this kan.. When we belong something, we not really appreciate it. But when we already lose it, there’s a feel of ‘emptiness’. Rase kehilangan yg amat sgt. Ooh skali lg I’ve been emo here… xbesnyer rase.. cdey dan cdey.. honestly, thn ni lg byk bercdey. People will see me a happy go lucky person. For a moment to pretend happy is not a good choice. I’m hated to be hypocrite, well every human being pn anti to this kind of Homo sapiens. Mgkin antara knangan terbaik thn ni ialah my achievement in academic. Not disappointed. But other matter I think is nothing. Lately 1 word I ‘dislike’ is cooking. Haha the guys asking me, ‘reti memasak x?’ OMG!! Dats a cruel question u know!! Haha mmg trase giler but nk wt cmne, xdpt lg petunjuk suro blaja memasak bsgguh2. dream on to get married! Lalaalla~ CRAP! Why I keep writing a ‘rubbish’ here? Adei..

I can’t wait to feel my new age. Ooh sayonara umo blasan thn ini.. 2 decade of my life.. this 31th dec. sooo lambat ma.. dan plg xbes becuz da blik shah alam. Already checked my schedule, got claz till 4pm. Damn I laik! =( perhaps the best way is buat2 lupe this Wednesday is my besday. Haha can I? impossible no-relevant! Da 2 thn brturut2 cmni. Wuwwuwuw dlu every year ade kt umh time my besday.. argh I supposed to be grateful. Masih bernyawa dan mrasai nikmat hidup slama 20thn kn? =) apakah azam thn baru ini??

Azam Hawa Darlida for 2009

~ study rerajen, siyez, xnk maen2, focus, kosentret, and all good things la to make me success =)

~ nk jd lebih bersopan. (so means I’m not decent enuff? Haha)

~ nk jd lebih berani.. (berani brtmpat la..)

~ nk create good relationship dgn kwn2 and any acquaintance

~ nk ringankan diri sndiri (nk kuwos. Haha)

~ nk menambah ilmu sebanyak yg boleh

~ nk jadik seorg yg lebih rasional dan tidak mengikut perasaan =p

~ nk mlupekan cinta lama. Will i?

~ nk menghargai apa yang ada..

~ nk mnjadi seorg yg pndai belanjawan (haaha xnk jd antoo shopping)

Dan byk lg.. byk la kalo buleyh nk sume.. tp x tertulis. Heee…

Kinda glad. I got my advance besday present from my mum. Thnx mak. It is unspeakable =)

tadaaa this bum handbag! i'm not really interested this design. haha but my mum has chosen. so why should i care? =p

~I know I’m moody-emotional-sensitive~

Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry?
Have you ever needed something so bad, you can't sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words, but they don't come out right…

Have you ever been in love, been in love so bad?
You'd do anything to make them understand…
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away?
You'd give anything to make them feel the same…
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart?
But you don't know what to say, and you don't know where to start…

Have you ever found the one, you've dreamed of all of your life?
You'd do just about anything to look into their eyes…
Have you finally found the one you've given your heart to?
Only to find that one won't give their heart to you…
Have you ever closed your eyes and, dreamed that they were there?
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care…

Thursday, December 25, 2008

-The Bowling Story-

Yesterday, we had a gather. Not really reunion la, but just met my old frens. They were exactly different. Cantik, matang, hensem. Hensem?? (haha!) Even me myself can’t recognize them all. How funny, I’m the most blur in this group. 1 by 1 come, most of them I can’t remember. Not only the name, but the face!! Haha they just laugh at me. No wonder coz since form 1, I was studied in a boarding school. So it had passed 8 years. Almost reach 1 decade ayte? But no regret I can recognize my clazmate. Thanx god, I know my memory is limited now, but still giving a space to remind me of them. We assembled at the bowling centre. Can u imagine, I’ve never entered that? Neither participate nor watching. Aiyak, kinda ashamed met the boys. dorg pn cm malu2 je nk start conversation. Heeeha the most ‘x blh blah’ is dat, come the boys group yg I dunno wth are them. Haaha rupe2nye tu bdk2 klaz sbelah, dat is why xknal pn. Huhuh so sorry. How bad my memory now… short conversation here =p

Me~ piyah, kurusnye ko. Heee knape xgmuk pn?

Piyah~ haaha pnah ke aku gmuk?

Me~ ciit! Eleh ko mst nk jmpe aezal kn? Hua2

Piyah~ eh mst la!

Me~ hahahahha ampeh!

Me~ mala skang stdy kt utp kn? Amik ape ek?

Mala~ amik electrical. Ko?

Me~ kt uitm wat law.

Mala~ haha gile ar law byk nk kne bace

Me~ well, biase la bdk law dgn engine kn very contra. Haha

Mala~ hahaha taw xpe..

Me~ haha aezal dtg bwk 2 pempuan tuh (smbil jeling2 piyah

Aezal~ hawa ko pas pendang g ane ek?

Me~ aku g jasin lor..

Aezal~ ooh.. skang ko ktner?

Me~ kt uitm wt law. Ko utm kn?

Aezal~ yup. Ooh same dgn amin la kn.

Me~ ha ye ar. Aritu aku trserempak dgn dia. Weh amin xdtg ker?

Aezal~ x. dia ade hal. Ooh ko rindu kt dia ker?

Me~ haha tlg ckit ye!!

Me~ weh tu acad kn??

Acad~ weh hawa duk ar cni jap

Me~ haha acad nape ko da membesar? Haha

Acad~ dan knape ko mengecik ha?? Haha

Me~ mane ade biase jek weh

Acad~ ku xlupe name ko hawa darlida sbb cam ubt gg darlie

Me~ cish kuang asam tol! haha

Me~ tol ke tu yusri? Laen giler!!

Yusri~ weh hawa

Me~ yusri nape ko laen ha?? Aku x cam la.. haha

Yusri~ org lain cam je aku ape.. haha

Me~ laen ar!! Ko study mane?

Yusri~ uitm gak wt marketing. Ko?

Me~ aku s.alam wat law.

Yusri~ wush law? Huhuhu (impress)

Me~ eh jap ek, turn aku maen!

Yusri~ ala ko lempar je bola dr cni..

Me~ palewotak ko. Hahaaha

Most of them quite imprezza bile i said im doin law now. Haiya!! Wat so weird?? Maybe they imagine how nerd a law student, needs to read those thick law books add up with acts and sections and cases. Haaha actually I enjoy this legal field.. and also I’m proud of them. Sume masuk u. ok la kn, afta diz jmpe skali lg mst majority da kawen. This is kinda a sweet and the unforgotten memory for me. Thnx so much my friends. I really2 enjoy the day!! =)


at the back- wan, zam, tikah and alin. dpn- mala, me, piyah, azwa. (hot izit?? haha)

at the back- zam n tikah. dpn- wani, me, piyah and azwa

wani, piyah and tikah =) ksian aezal kt blakang tuh xnmpk wajah pn. hahaaha

mala n piyah. soo cumill!!

me n piyah ( both uitm s.alam tp xpnah jumpe. haha)

mala, winner for the 4 games!! peh hebat tol dia. haha jelez gue

thnx to wani coz tlg snap pic ni. trus strike tuh!! haha 1st tymer like me leh strike ok la kn? =p

order kfc 1 bucket dpt mende alah comei ni. weee~

the guys~ lg ramai yg ku xknal dr knal. heh (gmbo ehsan dr aezal)

yusri n me. haaha aezal candid. segan ar tuh takut ku nmpk. . haaha

bgus aezal ni pndang kamera. sbb kamera ko kn?? haha =p

yusri n rifki. (tol ke name mamat ni rifki? haha layann)

venue: bowling centre, selayang mall
date: 23 dec 08

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Plastic Smile**

syukur alhamdulillah result da kuar 18hb aritu. supposed on 17th but they change last minute. aiyak dunno wat to classify this problem.. da biase kene.. kinda speechless 6a2b.. haha my law of tort dpt b. wuuu cdey jugakla.. maybe 'cry' mark punye psl (tiru paan). hurm whatever still grateful. my effort, my pray, my family's support, couraging friends. these people help me in lotsa things. thank u, it was inexpressible. beyond the words :) n now, tgh collect balik all the determination, strength, motivation.. rase berat sgt nk go back to shah alam, damn serious. the study routine, the daily hostel life. nk adapt blik lifestyle itu.. waah im not type of person yg sng2 je dah adapt. it takes time to make me hardworking u know... look at the books, xrase mcm nk membace. har3 it was the sux statement. feel regret but it's the truth :(

senyuman plastik, weyh chubbynye!! hahaha


Hahahadoi kinda tired to change this blog layout, template, etc.. i dunno wtf with me becuz i realized that i'm not so called 'computer literacy'. i'm makin this thing so slow and wasted my weekend. aiyak.. i hate to say weekend now.. just 1 more weekend left and then bye bye home.. argh my brain is rusty.. berkarat terkumpul all that ferum (recall the kimia subjek). the laziness conquered me. damn3 no-joy only stress now. how cud i start to study, i'm not prepared. i wanna boost my memory to refresh all the cases, sections, acts. crazeeeeeeeeee pdn muke to myself. holidayy yg indah? i think it's more to honeymoon, relax my mind to d max till i become blur~ download a brand new song, weee jadik permanent habit la pulak. esp now i just use my pinky(refer to my phone) to download illegally. ooops illegally? hahhahaha =p certain songs was dedicated to me, ooh how sweet. thnx so much to those yg send lagu to me. U.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.L= this is me. as usual lets take a look scshooooooooooot

new hit song from brandy- right here(departed).... 5stars!

crush is falling in love in a short time.. but y shud i?? =p

natasha bedingfield, i just love her rocka voice!

chrisbrown ft. blablabla... i'm starting like his song since with you

timeless, english version. had watched the video but korean v. justin guarini ft kelly clarkson. oooh god i just can't stop listening to this love song~

at last!! haha lagu jiwang ini diberi pd sy via emel.. kate bliau lagu ni 'touching parak'. haha u correct! but nvm blh la thn layan before tdow. kui3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Babyyy!~u're my disease...

Oooh babyyy. Haha pls it's been a long time i'm not bein jiwang here. N for now, also not. My baby now and i love damn3 much is my handphone. Haha freaky me! I'm addicted to my baby since started this sem break. I can't leave my baby, it just like my live. Weirdoo am i outta my mind?! I'm bz updated my phone with latest applications, softwares, games, etc etc. Thanx to friend of mine always help and guide me =) here are several snapshots. Just take a look!

TyPicaL BuT noT rEAsoNaBLe

What is typical man? It's hard to define. Based on my observation, the typical man i know is skinny (less weight than me), smoker, dark =p haha i'm quite happy if our religious department gazzetted the legal rulings so called Fatwa, prohibit the cigarettes. There's lotsa of evidences why this suppose to be implemented. I've been read newspaper yesterday, the statistic shown that 10,000 died per year cuz of cigarettes. I think our government had concern so much bout diz. Therefore, they take such initiative to prevent and reduce the problem. But if i asked smoker to quit smoking, still i got the same answers. U know, smokers they just good enough to defence themselves. Nobody can't restraint them cuz the mind had been set up critically. Ooh what a critical thinking they have.. And next! Who is reasonable man? Reasonable man is an ordinary man, average man and man on the top of Clapham Omnibus. Am i stated it in a very 'law perspective'? Haha think yourself =p