Sunday, July 11, 2010

something was not right

so.. sedar xsedar.. i had begin my semester.. part5 final year.. wuuu scaryy..
my cuti sem sgt pack,, but i'm happy with it..
proven that i can be busy with valuable xtvties which i rarely do..
my attachment 5 weeks done so well where i'm happy with all the mates,, thnx guys.. i wanna story bout all of u,, but u know.. time restraint.. mlsnyee nk brceloteh... hehe
then and then,, sem ni i ade 5 law subjects.. it's gonna be tough babe!! tp i da brazam.. i nk put my fullest effort and hard work.. people,, pls support me..
as usual ade je i rase yg xkene dgn diri i.. huu only me know what it is..
apepun,, i wish to myself gudluck and have the enjoyable tough journey this sem!

rasenye da lame x mencapub muke i kt blog sndri kn, hahahaha

i jz luv this pic.. where? haha