Saturday, April 26, 2008

...a TriP tO LemBaH bUjANg aRchEoLOgy MUsEuM...

the kapal behind is not so attractive instead of us standing in front is rather cute =p

the candi pendiat.. i don't have any idea why we stand there and it looks like wanna promote the board.. hey2 the board is just an ordinary kn.. huhu~

standing alone on the stairs.. the stairs seem like the mesopotamia style.. don't ya think so?

actually we stand on the bridge.. tgk dr atas mcm lawa.. but bile tgk dkt? hehe mcm tu la rupenye.. but nice position mimi>>promote cikit.. haha =)

Hit some pictures here.. 'lawatan' ke museum tersebut is not on purpose to visit the historical places.. tp just nk amek gambo.. al maklumlaa kan da last kt kdh.. hope xmai cni dah.. huhu.. but the last pic is not at the candi la.. tu kt 'cute garden' beside my library at my u lol.. hehe.. for sure i'll be missing my u.. kedah campus.. even it's too far from my house.. it is a satisfaction of sacrificing one and a half year there =)

Friday, April 18, 2008

++ReTrOspEcTiVe LaW++

lemme reverse.. reverse the last week.. the whole week i sit for my final exam.. on the 14th, my bel342 paper.. ohh damn dizzy coz the article not so nice to read.. huhu industrial relations act.. what the heck? i'm not attracted.. tp ape buley buat da.. bace je la n try to undrstand.. to construct an essay is another pressure for me.. the 3 hours?? not sufficient kot for me.. huhu~

then on the 15th my law paper.. huwaa!! agak payah la.. nk nanges pn xgune kn.. mende da lps.. tawakal je la.. at least i've give an attempt.. big effort on it.. trying to undrstand those cases and sections.. that was awesome.. huhuhua~ quite surprising coz so many contract questions.. my weakness tu.. adei..

16th.. seems happy for that day.. global issue, i can answer coz the soklan spot gak yg kuar.. thnx goodness.. rmai yg big smile afta finished take the exam.. big thank u to my lect coz help us a lot.. luv u mem =)

aargh misery thursday!! economy tramat la ssh nye.. ape org kate.. like.. susah thp dewa? haha something like that laa.. nyampah tol.. ku dah la xterer calculation, kuar plak yg bit confusing.. so stuck there n there.. i lost a lot of marks.. biarlah mende da brlalu..

the 18th.. the one n only exam yg ktrg kne wat ptg.. 3hours?? byknye la mase lebihan.. ampeh tol.. law yg payah n eco tu xnk plak bg 2hours.. atoitoi! i think nobody kot yg finished by 3hours coz me myself pn kuar awal.. hehe less than 2 hours i answer it.. afta je kuar dr exam room tu, i fell sigh.. but not totally coz i'm still worried bout my result.. mcm cdey pn ade =(

whatever it is.. deep of my heart.. i feel the freedom.. freedom of my mind.. if not, before this what i'm just thinking is study, study n study... that kind of feeling violates my right as a teenager actually.. but i know my obligation to my family as well as to myself.. i'm obliged to do so.. let bygones be bygones~~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

-sToP aNd STarE-

gudluck people! especially for the prelawrians part 3.. even 5 subjects in a row.. boleyh2! malaysia boleyh! > as quoted by my law lect, madam Rosnelim (in the pic).. hehe sory madam ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

pERAsaAn yG pEraSan..~

the poyos picz from both of us.. hek3 let me introduce her.. the blue tudung, ummi sharmimi.. my roomate.. she looks like 'schema' but the truth is, she's gile2.. jiwang a lot.. more than me.. haha (i know u'll be mad at me).. gudluck for final exam.. pray for our success..

Lalalalaala~ kerjala..!

i'm edited some photos during my weekend.. hadoi exam da dkat but still have time edit gambo.. huhuw ni la namenye when the tense is almost maximum, i did sumthing crazy.. act like nothing important will happen.. yesterday, my mum called me.. so happy coz she decides to take me back to kl on the 20th.. bye bye kedah.. bye bye frenz.. hope to c ya again in shah Alam =)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

<3 iN LoVe <3

how mcm mane ye future kite ni? koh3

mantox la cyg.. hak3