Wednesday, March 31, 2010

last post!

hehe sje wat gempak,, this is the last post of March.. ooh knapelah tis year very mls nk update blog erh.. mybe ke busy an makes me no time to hit anything here.. anyway,, busy mmg busy,, bundle of works to do before exam.. exam!!! urgh just few weeks perhaps 2 weeks lol., damn really scary me now. btw, i have to submit another assignment tomorrow and so the next2 day.. just imagine it's like train.. continuing,, no way out.. haha

just to remind myself,, everything gone so far so bad.. yesterday done presenting my research proposal. mmg kne shoot la me n my group mmbers. how come er comparative study which at the beginning had been approved ended like this?? (clazmates know better) huhu mls nk igt. the thing is,, we need to amend and correct it. doing again the research, reading and reading. boring thingggg haha ~,~

then and then,, ade je something happen which i can't expect it. mybe it's a gud sign.. or whatever, i really can't think.. skanng ni just pikir nk siap kn smue assessment, taking exams, and ready for my attachment in court..

so picha?? yeah pasti la ade.. =)

ni mase i wt keje kt my house kt gombak.. ade baby cat teman i wt keje. nmpk x dia tdo tepi lptop i.. hehe so cute,, ade gak yg sudi teman i stay up =)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

new hubby..!

hehek ni bf baru sy.. encek haryani namenye.. kui3 guwau je.. eiyuwww.. actually xtaw nk update ape.. so letak la pic ni..

sumthing keeps interfered my mind.. sumtin..sumtin..yes sumtin..

instead of mooting yg mmg i da tension thp dewa ni.. ade lg yg mendesak dlm otak ni

hard to let my mind free.. hard to accept what people sayin to me..

i know i'm stubborn.. org ckp, i dgr.. i insaf skejap je..

then i start do the same damn thing.. think what i should not think..

tired.. what a tiring thoughts.. i just can't let u go..

stop it,, no use,, xdpt pahala pn pk..(ade mamat ni ckp) haha

and so.. my mooting is on monday.. this monday.. really scary..

nervous sgt2.. ya Allah bantulah aku.. bg ketenangan.. amin..

*now playing~kau tetap dlm anganku*-->karat