Sunday, March 27, 2011

cepat mengalah.. indeed i am..

such a bad night.. u got the point, we need to fight for survival.. what u told me is true.. but it just me.. sy mmg mcm ni.. i hope to change one day.. why not??

listening to lifehouse songs with tears =(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

critical date -.-

critical date as in international law begin when there is dispute on the territorial sovereignty.. but anyway,, that's not my major concern here. no related to IL at all

so we are in the 9th week,, more than half of the semester.. the status is like... all your compartment full with assignments.. Dateline pun close2 je. CRITICAL DATE! after a stressful-bad-terrible-horrible tests last week,, i just can't imagine my carry marks.. hopefully not CRY marks. seriously i need to perform good for my assignments.. haaaa bosan kan.. rasenye every sem i will update at least one entry yg cerita betapa tension nye sy dgn life as a student ni.. and plus tu je kot yg i think boleh nk publish to public. i'm not a person who having the ability to write the whole thing and moreover i respect my own privacy too..

not every single thing u can share to people.. just remember.. u don't call it secret when u told others. to know everything about me is impossible but just explore and discover this time to time.. it done for reasonable purpose.. how u measure reasonable?? and yeah as i remember my lect said the most unreasonable word in the world is reasonable.. it might be reasonable for me,, but unreasonable for you.. entirely open to individual's interpretation kn.

tapi but however!! stress tension pressure mcm mane sekali pun sy sem ni.. sy tetap hapyyy dan bahagia.. i love all my friends beside me.. some of them maybe sy dah x jumpe next sem since this is my last sem of BLS. some intend to further in master or just proceed with working.. or some mybe just end up with marriage and be a great housewife. hahahaha will it happen!! it just all my memories with all of you,, i cant purchase it in any supermarkets,, or shopping complex yadaaa yadaa all my fav place.. it is not like shares when there is some redeemable... the thing is u can't redeem any points to get back the friendship you already have and you can't buy back those happy-sad moment we shared together.. auwww sy pulak rase sedeyh tetibe..

to end this kinda 'emotional' entry.. hehhe.. i wish to all my friends- good luck girls!! let's fight till the end of this study.. insyaAllah =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

feel the 'heat'

ntah kenape sy msh nk update blog walhal test khamis ni. hehe ni la namenye pressure smpai xnk study. ooops! =p

heat or in other word panasss.. tense.. so many upcoming test,, ni yg xsuke trlalu layback mase awal2 sem.. skang ni hambek ko.. huhu so sy nk list down my upcoming tests!

1. family law-khamis ni lols
2. company law- next wed
3. intellectual property law- the day after
4. jurisprudence- the same day. night of terror!
5. international law- next next friday

hah complete 5 subjects compete !! doakan sy uolsss.. mls nk fikir side2 thingyy yg menyesakkan otak sy yg limited memory ni.. nk pkai 8 terabyte punye external loh sng. haha
and anyway a few things sy allergik.. xbleyh dgr.. allergik taw x.. and the things are teeett! it just pleasee la jgn sebut dpn sy..