Monday, January 30, 2012


oh well this is soooo long i didnt update anythng here. i dont even tell you how was my llb part 1. busy like hell but yeah alhamdulillah.. with the shed of blood and tears, we manage to go thru it. anotha 1 sem to go. ah i feel so scared of my result :( stop it! dont want to think about it.

ouh yes i'm purposely wanna write about how my family members plus 1! heee my sister safely deliver her baby on the 6th of january 2012. in the middle of final exam, i got this news. it was friday, and i hv my 1st paper on that day. subject bahasa melayu undang-undang. oh lame =p nasib bkn evidence, ke cpc paper ke.. huu.. they named her Aiesha Sorfina. she is so clean and cute and white and everything. maksu admire sorfina. sgt2 trharu becuz i dont hv any adik, at last i hv niece.. but, my attitude doesnt reflects that i'm already an auntie. haha friend of mine can prove this xD

lemme upload some pictures. she is really cute. i bet u'll agree with me :)

3.18 kg. 06/01/2012

yg nii sumpah comel. auww maksu melting dah =p

gaya typical sorfina tido. tgn ke atas. he he

my sis n bro in law. happy :DD

Weollss masa aqekah sorfina at sepang. rumah tok nenek belah sana

sorfina sgt temtembams!!

my mum aka nenek bersama cucu kesayangan semesta alam. hihi

dengan ini,, maksu ingin mendendangkan sebuah lagu utk baby sorfina..

matamu.. bibirmu.. pipimu dan juga senyummuuuuuu... ahax~



sorfina comel!!

weh tu bukan lagu abe akasha tu ke?
ko jgn p gigit2 telinge sorfina plak..haha

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